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2 DP Mazer Scrog,2 SR,1AE,1TD

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Hi all ,,had a bit of a disaster with one of the mazers,,, it seeded :( ,chopped it straight away ,i think i have a little bit of light leaking in on the left side of my box and thats the reason

so i chopped it and its drying might get some smoke of it

the other is doing fantastic though she is on 3 mill bloom and 1 mill grow per litre of water ,, take a look


She is lovely and healthy the other mazer started to go yellow but this is doing great lovely frosty colas





last 2 photos look a bit yellow though :)

i have 2 Freddys Best that i put straight into 12/12 and they are doing great ,,not huge but nice looking all the same

Thanks for looking all,,will post some pictures of the Freddys tomorrow ,,i ahd a problem with my computer but its ok now will post more often now :)

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Hi all 8 weeks i have chopped the mazer take a look just before i chopped


as you can see the colas were falling over :)


i prob could have left it an other week but i have no patience :)



Mazer is some plan,t smells amazering ,very frosty .i have to do some thing with air intake light is getting in i think

that is the reason the first one started to seed

Well smoke report will follow ,i quick dried a bit and its strong smoke ,very forget full and MAD munchies ,then bang out like a light when its time to sleep :)

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ok 2 weeks drying and its a lovely smoke


i got about 6 oz from her :)


Mazar is a banging smoke ,,,smells amazing, taste is lovely ,time just slows down big time when you have some ,,very relaxing high .big time giggles ,,.savage munchies everytime :)

I really like this Mazar will grow her again for sure

Thanks for looking all :)


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Cheers Darwin. I cant believe i spelt it wrong the whole time

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@@styer556 some nice budage, you've got there,

Hope that you enjoy, well done,,Atvb Jack..

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