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blowing out a window? and shared chimney?

hey guys, my pals got a 150cm x 300cm tent and 2 1000w gavita de lights, he has a 12" isomax out take and a 10" isomax intake both hooked up tp hybrid fan controller. He is currently pumping out the window but is a bit worried about how it would look on a thermal camera. the room he is in has a air brick that leads to a chimney he could pump his hot air out from but the chimney may or may not be connected to the neighbours but he obviously has no way to find out...
so my questions are:

Is it dodgey to pump your extract out the window?
are semiditached houses share chimney? and if so will anything bad happen if he vents out through it?

thanks for your help in advanced FC

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Ask him what he thinks his central heating outlet looks like on a thermal camera.

Then tell him not to worry.

Up the chimney is good. You should have a separate stack.

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yeah i just came back from having a look at it. the chimney is one brick built square in the middle of the 2 houses... you reckon its fine to blow out through them then @@Twisted Rizla

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Assuming the vented air will have been scrubbed with a filter before you send it up the chimney, you'll have no worries.

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I live in a semi mate

I just boarded up my back window with the curtains stapled to the board so it looks like there always closed

Then I put a speaker in the window with 315 ducting connected to that, totally light proof and I've got a 3200m fan and there is no noise at all

Neighbour asked why my back windows open all year round a few years ago, told him my cat uses it to getin and out of the house, I've got a conservatory so said he jumps onto the conservatory roof from my trees in the back garden and goes in and out the window........ I don't have a cat

Works well for me tho

You just need to improvise for your particular situation pal

Ps heat out of a window is hardly a giveaway, most windows have a radiator underneath them, my extract air isn't that warm at all, and let's be honest if there at the point that they are pointing a flir camera at your back bedroom your already on their radar as a grower so it's game over anyway

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