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Comrade Stoker

Fermented Food Recipes and Techniques

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37 minutes ago, borderboy said:

Please do post the recipe

ive just bought some Korean red pepper stuff to have a x

crack at kimchi


Here you go... nice one on getting the pepper flakes, they really have a flavour of their own!


'Chinese' cabbage (soak in heavily salted water - 1/4 cup salt per medium cabbage - soak for 2 hours, then drain and squeeze lightly)

Korean radish (julienned)

Carrot (jullienned)

Spring onions 4 or 5


Mix all the stuff below into a paste...

Ginger (teaspoon)

Garlic (tablespoon - at least 6 cloves)

Sugar (teaspoon)

Fish sauce (2 - 3 tblsp) - you can use shrimp paste, but add a little water to help with the paste

Korean red pepper flakes (5tblsp - less if you can't take a bit of chilly and/or you hate good kim chi:rofl:)


Thoroughly mix it all together once the cabbage is done - empty a jar :smokin:- and put the mix in there. Press it down until liquid covers all the veg, add a little brine if needed. Keep at room temp for 5 - 14 days - keep an eye on fermentation and taste it every other day - squish the veg down when you check it to let out some of the gas build up - it will bubble up and overflow, so put it on a plate or tray - then refrigerate (stops fermentation) when it tastes the way you like it.


See, easy peesey!! ;)

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Magic will have a crack at that next week

im currently doing milk kefir 

mans drinking a lot of polish buttermilk 

loving this fermented food 


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And I love it, thanks for the recipes.

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Not sure if it counts, but I've started making sourdough bread. 


Took almost a fortnuight for my starter to look like I wanted it, think it may not be in a warm enough place, but I was well chuffed with my first loaf.


I followed the below process for the starter.



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100% counts @Biltong Bob It was @Arnold Layne that got me thinking about, and making Sourdough, years ago. Was my first fermented food, its the cats nuts is a decent sourdough 

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Just got a wholemeal sourdough in for a second prove after knocking it back this morning. It seems to lend itself well to an overnight prove, as we dont keep the house particularly warm.


I just hope there wasn't anything different I had to do/add to take account of the wholemeal flour, all I did was substitute some white for brown and did everything else the same (the kneading seemed to take a bit longer, mind)


Oil in the proving bowl seems to work better too, the dough was sticking a lot when I used flour.


Toyed with the idea of adding sesame seeds after the first prove, but couldn't be bothered toasting them this morning, plus I wanted to see how the wholemeal turned out so there's only one variable to blame if it goes tits up lol


Maybe put some on top before it goes into the oven this afternoon.

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