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Casey Jones

White Widow x The Ultimate

As there wasn't a proper thread on this strain, apart from the ones in the test diary section, I thought it was about time one was created for this awesome strain. This is a strain that does live up to the description, with good quality, potent buds that are in abundance. The last time I grew this strain I pulled 4.2oz dry from a 6L pot under a 600w, which is more than I've achieved from any other strain in a pot that size. The lemony smell and taste of this strain is very apparent, and the high is powerful and long lasting. I always do multi strain grows, and amongst my friends this is their favourite to date.

This is the third time I have grown this strain. The first time I got x2 female plants and they was topped once, grew two thick stems,were supercropped, but got a little too tall in flowering. The second time that I grew her I got one smallish fermale plant, and the other seemed slow at first but turned out to be a beauty. Both were topped twice, supercropped and the results were much better. One of the girls yielded 4.2oz dry, with my my mate helping me chop her down, and we were both impressed of how perfect she looked, with multiple colas of lovely bud, but she didn't take up too much space. If I could have got 9 of her in a 4x4 space the yield would have been awesome.

For my current multi strain grow I had one seed left in the pack, and am glad to say it's a girl. So from a 10 pack I got 5 girls. She'll be finishing in a 11L under a 750w this time, so I can't wait to see what the yield is . It will be about another two weeks before I go 12/12. I should have taken more pics of the plants from that grow, but there is one below. I don't keep mother plants, so I'll certainly be getting a fresh pack for my next grow.

White Widow x The Ultimate 8 weeks flowering, about a week before the chop


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nice looking blooms Casey. You are right, its 'high' time we had a complete diary of White Widow x The Ultimate. Its only available in regular seeds, and its our most popular regular variety.

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