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Alien RDWC Setup and Testing

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we have invested a load in getting set up right and 28 is our average after nearly 18 mounths of tryl and fuck ups lol

theres a few growers gone over the magic 1kg mark im hopping to see it one day

we run a sealed insulated room controled by a harvest master and eventualy got the alien sys

full co2 in room and multipule lights to choose from depending on par requirements 

we also ended up finding the plant vitality nutes work the best just a 1 part system so the auto doser only has to dose up on the ec

i also have a dedicated nursary for my mother and clones 

we take bout 30 clones but choose the best 16 

2 bouts of super cropping during veg has also bin the sweet spot 

and i coustom mate a misting sytem to mist humidity and folia nutes under the leaves 

if youve allready had a bash buddy give it a go you wont be disapointed 


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I've seen folks hitting that number on one plant in DWC under 600w but 56 ounces under 600 watts just seems so hard to fathom! I remember people here posting their maths on how you could only get 28'ish ounces out of a 600 watt light no matter what you did and now I'm reading that some people (if they're hitting 1k per plant) are getting as much as 70 ounces out of 600 watts. I mean surely that can't be right? Right? :lol:



I'll have to do some reading because I need to work out how long you veg for etc because I usually veg for a good month and my plants are huge. I do like you, top twice, supercrop a little and lollipop and I'm struggling for space. Any more and the bud quality would suffer because there's not enough space in the canopy to fit more yield in there so it would have to be underneath and end up airy. I'm quite fussy about that stuff. This whole thing has my head spinning tbh. :D

Just to be clear, we are talking per plant right? Not light?




Edited by Snowziff

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yeh buddy pr plant it dos become a jungle in there lol and we suplement the main lights with kesil 380s (6 of them)

and we do a small amount of lolliepoping just to clear out under the canopy

then 2 weeks befor harvest we turn on 2 uvb strip lights and this seems to pack out the flowers and stop us loosing loads of bulk during curing 

if you decide to give it a go im open for input 

also the c02 is the key we tryed without and had less than half crop 

but room has to be sealed with 2000ppm then vent during dark 

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Am I right in reading that's 4 crops of 16 plants, with 28oz per plants, all in a year. :rofl:  All from nine 600w lights. :rofl: 50kg output a year? :wassnnme:  :rofl: Was it dry in 3 days? :rofl: 


I am really high after smoking Ghost Train Haze bubble this morning, so I am probably reading that wrong. :rofl:


Take a generous pinch of salt whenever someone mentions high yields. :wassnnme::rofl:  Anything over 30oz from a 600w is ludicrous. Regardless of if in soil or hydro, grow space size or growing ability.

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, given the coverage of a 600w HPS is 1.2 metees square, lets start there shall we?

personally I don't believe it. ive run an Alien system for a number of years, and my on rwdc systems alongside

I call you out, there is no way you are getting 28 ounces per plant under  the equivalent of 300w HPS.

Ive grown 28 ounce plants before and there is not physically enough room to get 28 zips from the area you are talking about.


That's over 2 Grams per watt, someone better call Roy Castle. 


Sorry but I'm calling bullshit


you must think we are mugs

Edited by badbillybob
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On 08/11/2017 at 3:21 PM, Gojitangie said:

Excuse my ignorance but this seems like a lot of effort with large margins for error, what are benefits over soil?


I assume it’s a quicker cycle and potentially greater yield but is that it? Appreciate that may be hugely important for some but just curious to know if there were any other advantages to this type of set up.

You are excused. ;)
This system and method is actually minimal effort, cleaner, faster, larger yields, no dirty house, no bait heavy bags of compost, easy disposal of finished crop... but yes, your right.... a larger margin for error. The thing is, when you have it dialled in with all the necessary components running right, you shouldn't be hitting any problems. 

Only I have run into every problem under the sun so far, (my own fault for not listening to advise from the pros) but I'm the kind of guy that has to make the error himself before I learn... and learn I have. 
Understanding how the plant is responding is the most important part. 
I should have been running beneficial bacteria from the start (as advised) but I really was set on running a sterile system. As it turns out its more hassle than its worth, expensive, and as you can see, even with regular dosing with H202 you will still run into shit.
Lets see how this pans out. 


The plants are on the up again....



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On 08/11/2017 at 4:06 PM, tecgrow said:

16 plants each with n average of 28oz per plant 


Do you weigh your bud fresh?

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I recently switched to hydro growing for similar reasons. Took a little while to get it right, but I got there. So much easier growing in hydro, it just like having one big plant in a pot. Stick with it, you will ge there too.

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EC: 0.8

Ph: 5.5-6.1

Temp: 20C ish


We have a bit of a turnaround this week, they have desperately kicked out some more fresh white roots! 

A last ditch at self preservation? Built up a natural resistance? Who cares? Hopefully I won't have to start again. 

I know this will eventually re-appear at this rate but I'm hoping the bennies hold it off.

Chiller was removed last week, and the circulating flow is seriously strong now (upgraded Hailea pump) They turned right around after that it seems. 

The airlock in the chiller had completely stopped the flow and stagnated the water.



Was gonna wait for the clones and restart but I recon they can come back... So, in preparation for the bennies I've had a FULL rez change... fucking disgusting. 

Each of the plants went into the shower again for a root blast! I tried my best to tease the dead, soft roots away, I hope I haven't been too rough. 
Maybe the chlorine might help a little. 
You can see the new fresh white roots coming from higher up in the pot, I hope they don't get diseased straight away. 
Didn't feel slimy. 
I had to take every last drop of water out the system as it was full of decomposing root particles. It's been fun... trust :/



So they are in the new brew, they must be loving it in comparison. Poor little girls. 
Just to add to their shock a bit more, I have topped them all at the tips, and taken backup cuttings. That should help! :S
I have my eyes on 1 so far (top left) but it's all in the bud at the end of the day.





Scrog net installed, not too fussed about it right now so just for support really.  

I'll have to go into flower next week I think, as I'm pushed for time. If I had used clones I would have been going into flower at week 2/3 I reckon. 



Hold Tight!

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EC: 1.0

Ph: 5.5-6.1

Temp: 20C ish


What's happening? 



I wanted to go into flower this week, but after that root issue, it's knocked me back a couple of weeks! 
I reckon they need one more week TBH then I can finally flick them lights!  I could pull the net down and go for it now, but I want the front left one to fill out a bit more, The roots have come back nicely but they are still quite high in the pots. 




They seem to be fine hovering under 1.0 E.C at this stage,  Ill try and keep it lower this time. 

To be honest they handled that root issue extremely well ... I thought they were a gonna a one point for sure.  I haven't added anything yet, I just changed the rez and washed the roots clean. Here's how they bounced back. 







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5 hours ago, ursus1000 said:

@SKELE-TORO any updates mate?


Hey mate,

yes actually strange you should ask today.. I'm just setting up again. 


I had some serious personal issues rear their ugly head the end of last year, unfortunately that ended up with me shutting down everything. 

Had a terrible run all last year to boot! So.... gonna make up for it this year! 
I've chosen to jump back in soil this next run to concentrate on getting a viable mother from my favourites.  
I'll be back here in Hydro after I've got a good selection from this diary below..


Edited by SKELE-TORO
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@SKELE-TORO sad to hear about the probs but glad you getting back into it mate. I'm just starting my 2nd ever compost grow (mrs ursus is insistent),the 1st was probably 10yrs ago. I normally hand feed coco along with the odd perlite hempy,but a change is as good as a rest. Anyway,I'm following your grow,and wish you ATB mate :yep:

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