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Guest hnp420

how to tell the new woman

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don't tell her anything until you have dirt on her first... everyone has skeletons in their closet, no matter how proper they appear to be lol

atb to you both though! hope it works and she helps you out with your grow like a good woman should :yep:

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a new partner is just a casual fling until it gets serious, that's the time to tell all your secrets or just live a devious life.

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I wouldn't say a word .....ever


I would say I smoke weed....but never admit to growing


I was engaged and we were doing it together....we split.....babylon is on my doorstep within weeks.


It cost me all my Killer skunk mothers (I had some great pheno's), my exodus cut, Nutes, lights and a shit load of green....(right f@cker cause the grow shop f@cked up and had just sent me a $300 order twice - i wouldn't have had to get nutes for years)


Trust, green and girlfriends are not words to band together in my experiences....but im a little burned by it and still a little bitter (the killer was awesome and my chances of getting the exodus cut back is zero).



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Posted (edited)

I always come out straight at the beginning of practiclly meeting them that i toke this, taken this, grow my own outdoor meds, Fuck the sysyem and all that lol I like to sus them out first.  No betterr way than being yourself a? Cant see how people do all that ducking and diving, brushing your teeth, spaying your clothes ect?. Heheh


Outdoors is harder to pin than indoors so No taking up the path and back again with that.  After a while if i know is all sound, i would then suggest an indoor. But as always,  its a risk if you have any future barneys ect. So Unless you ur atleast 70- 80% sure and she knows what you about and has excepted fromm the off and like to take risks. I wouldnt bother dude.


Been single and happy for years and nothing come back on me lol


All in good time finding thee one. No rush for me here.


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I wouldn't tell her you grow, nobody wants a security breach if you can avoid it.


As far as smoking, don't lie. Too many times I ruined relationships pretending to be a nice person, then after a while getting figured out for being a sesh abusing junkie. 

The one time I openly tell a woman Im a twat, 6 years in and 2 kids stronger than ever. Be honest, I think if you cant tell her its a fear based decision for fear of rejection which is an insecurity of your own choice to smoke, be proud you love the plant and make her a weed cake fit for a king and enjoy the show. 

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keep mum about it until you have some solid evidence of her breaking the law to the same degree, may have to be fabricated. :ninja: 

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On 20/06/2017 at 0:05 AM, zero said:

my gf is a crown prosecutor .. yeah , fuckin surreal , anyhow I avoided telling her for a long time , and she used to joke , like 'is that where you grow your weed ' I 'd be like ha ha yeah ..... anyhow cats out the bag now and I am serving a 5 stretch (joke) ... nah she's cool about it , but if she ever goes bitchy , I am fucked 

I wouldn't worry too much buddy. If all goes wrong and she even thinks about going down that route just tell her you'll swear she was complicit. At which point shed be jeapardising her career to mention it to anyone. 


Still hopefully things are fine and none of that'll be necessary. 


And as far as the thread goes. Only tell her if you HAVE to or KNOW you can trust her and that takes A LOT. 


I've known many people have serious problems with women scorned. Or just plain crazy bitches with major emotional issues reacting badly. lol



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