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Dutch Passion Desfrán Test Grow

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And so we arrive @ the final "Update"............ "DUTCH PASSION SEED COMPANY AMSTERDAM" NEW STRAIN TEST GROW 100% SATIVA (DesFran) After it's breeder............ "Francis" (Hi) i sure am.... Jo, Youl.....

109 days, 15.5 weeks from wetting DesFran Seeds in soil. 21 days End of veg (early) trigger fruiting. (No Intersex Show @all;Et Al, End of.

79 days 11.2 weeks Flowering & Fruitification. 12/12. "Fruit Building Period" From week "15",......... last 3wks trichomization of glands, & crystalic stringular threads appear overlaying trichome jungle. Did count well over 80 trich balls a square cm at 220mag, it's like an alien sugar planet upon the budzz surface.................

Haven't seen that many trichs in one place, other than hash !....... on a mass for mass basis, photospectro analysis not needed, but at an experienced guess i'd say over 25%. just touching it post air dry in paper bag, like picking up very fine honeycome, and DF sand in the hand. A superb sativa hasji plant, and no doubt. Some feed back then;

DF grow traits, Envirofoiyable's, thus;


Truly eurythermic strain. Eury (, Wide Range Celsius)

Didant flinch at 33c, stoma fully open, full respiration & transevaporation continued unabated.. Didant particularly get to thirsty during the summer persistent heat wave, i run 2c above ambient Celsius (Indoors). Due to correct extraction volume. The low temp where in the 18-19c range........ soil 3 above that, and 6 below highest temp.

DF responded well to Rizotonic........ as usual, like no other. Fille 15ltr to a few mm below the soil surface.

Responded well to drying out. Did not drop leaves, at end of flush, during the 2.5 days they where left to "Dry Out" in their vessels. Untill day 5 !!, by the time the last one was down......... drought hardy, enjoys it...

H2O & Salt management;

The benefit of "RO" is salt management. When controlled, Nutrient blocking (Strong Alkaline), & deficits, and salt binding, and upper root matrix, salt excretions, and deficiency's are avoided.

00.00 RO stood for a week at ATM. saturates with 02, Nitrogen & Co2, driving off chlorine, calcium & magnesium carbonates. Ie de-gassing & Re-gassing to saturation. DF drank about 500-600ml max per day. Only watered to run off once a week. Run off after 1.2 ltrs was fed........... so low consumption, due to genetics able to cope with arid conditions, & intermittent saturation's. .

Nitrogen. When tap water hits air it saturates with the following, driving off chlorine, calcium & magnesium carbonates. Ie de-gassing & Re-gassing to saturation. After 36-48hrs longer in summer..@23c


78.1 % Oxygen


20.9 % Argon


0.9 % Carbon dioxide


0.03 % Neon


0.002 % Helium


0.0005 %

only then is tap water truly suitable for buffering "RO Reverse Osmosis memory wiped "Mineral Free" water. Buffer the RO to 150 ppm to 220ppm hard water id is thus, the problem is the fluctuations in the equilibrium reaction of calcium carbonates;

CaCO3 (s) + CO2 (aq) + H2O (l) Ca2+ (aq) + 2HCO3

Air condition the RO the same as the tap water before buffering. Then you have a balanced "Base Water" to work with, which wont cause you problem . Which is low in mineral salts that block root matrixes. First thing turn it over with a submerged pump for a couple of hors to get gas equilibrium back. then you ar ready to Ph first. Then add nutes to Ec, then silicon Ph up, Ph down far enough to allow 2ml litre of silicone when returning Ph to 6.3 to 6.8 Ranges........ "Water Quality" is everything to the Dames....... Pure RO Ph'ed during 14 days flush. There endeth the di-hydro oxy lecture........... get the water right you get the right results.......

Nutrients, Ph'ing, & the Silicone Nitrogen / Hydrogen Ph up conflict.

Some of you might have noticed, that when returning, Ph (Potenz of Hydrogen) "UP" or Ph'ing back up a res. That the Ph meter "Fluctuates" between silicone additions to the res. The reason is, silicone conflict. In short hydrogen and nitrogen do not like being bullied back to alkalinity with out a fight. Causing delayed Ph stabilization. We usually get it with our desired Ph on the meter some where in the middle.......of the "Range"

DF is a very light feeder............. at end of veg she was @ Ec 0.3, and in good color, perky as a slice of morning, Ontbijtkoek (literally breakfast cake). @ end of flower inc 200ppm of Pk13/14, the Ec ex silicone and buffer minerals, 0.56 To 0.60 (hanna). Above 0.6 micro tip burn showed on a couple of specimens......... so fed @ 0.55 mS/Cm/Ec. Ph down Nitric acid, lemon juice near end, Ph up silicone, and fed 1ml ltr from start, plus Ph up, after nutrients added. 3prt green air, allows tuning, and is high "Conc"........... start Ec Superthrive 0.2 2nd week, final 0.55. Plus 150ppm tap water buffer Ec 0.3 Plus silicone variable. Total Ec 0.55 + 0.3 + 0.2 = 0.6 total res Ec.

Df is reluctant to suck back Nitrogen and "Mobile Monomeric Units"...N Po Mg...... during flush, but did so in the last 12 day's, when the root ball was fully empty of salts and trace elements, and lemon juice.. Flush, canna flush into RO only, Ph,ed up with silicone, after canna flush added. 1ml ltr or Ec 0.3.......... every other day Pure RO. I water every day discrete amounts, like and Automaster shower.........


You need a very sound vapor & aroma control set up to cope with the shear weight of terpens and VOC's produced by this strain. After 15 mins in the cultivar zone........ at 26c............ the terps get into your jumper like no other, and you are olfactory immune to it,..... until you get a back whiff down ya quiff off it in the co op..!! At least the chairman knows the crack....... literally......... advice double your current carbon surface area !!.....

The aroma i have described before;

To put it bluntly the smell from this strain, is the sweetest, deepest, fruitiest, soothing floral, thickest, richest, most intriguing, potent at young age, philanthropic post lights out smell i have ever had the pleasure of "To Date".

Smoke report post Final Harvest Pics................Dp's Superb sativa Diva, Dame of the candy Sticks Sativa.............. "DesFran".......... >> average was 95g best plant the big boy 4no 20 inch sticks, plus satellites 144g. DF

Mixed random shots inc harvest pics, the last 2 are Eupatorium cannabinium in the wild: Df little genetic next of kin Dutch Passion Automaster >>

DF Harvest 104  74 007

DF Harvest 104  74 012

DF Harvest 104  74 014

DF Harvest 104  74 020

DF Harvest 104  74 021

DF Harvest 104  74 023

DF Harvest 104  74 042

DF Harvest 104  74 044

DF Harvest 104  74 047

DF Harvest 104  74 048

DF Harvest 104  74 053

DF Harvest 104  74 068

DF Harvest 104  74 071

DF Harvest 104  74 097

DF Harvest 104  74 100

DF Harvest 104  74 163

DF Harvest 104  74 143

DF Harvest 104  74 125

DF Harvest 104  74 130

DF Harvest 104  74 126

DF Harvest 104  74 158

DF Harvest 104  74 169

DF Harvest 104  74 143

Day100   Flwr70 Dutch Passion DF 005

Day100   Flwr70 Dutch Passion DF 009

international blog indoors

Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol from tosylate xtal 3D balls

Day 11 Dutch Passion Strain D New StrainTest Grow 028

Smoke report.....................

How to put words to emotions provked;....

As it hits the chest......... a delicate envelope of euforia envelopes you, like a warm late Autumn breeze................. animated, exilerated, elated and thrilling...................... wilst trying to remember to breethe......... think i put to much in !!.................... everything a good sativa should be............... Euforic, moving to eutopia..................... then the CBD & Bichromenes kick in.................... ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... the purple blanket is pulled up and your gone........................ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................... a feeling of well being in the morning like no other...................... unless you put 0.5g in, then you will still be stunned, 6-7hrs later. or when you get up !!.................... aroma is complex to say the least, but, a cross between a super crysta hashis and a Tropicana refresher chew............... deepest, fruitiest, soothing floral, thickest, richest, most intriguing bouquet of a sativa i have yet to cultivate............. goes in the top 5, wont say what it displaced, but it was worthy....!!............ Thanks for reading, watching, and hopefully picking up some tips to improve the quality of your endevours..

Dp Automaster............................. let the next "New Journey Begin"..........................Dutch Passion's "Regular" Done @ 12/12 From Seed. Sativa POWERPLANT........AM

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A very enjoyable read AB mate.Lovely big sticks of bud that sound just perfect.

Thanks for your detailed notes, I am sure this has been an education for all of us here!

Enjoy the fruits mate! Master at work!

Edited by teehee
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Great growing there AM ,Well Done :rockon:

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remember no more sneaky smokes until it has had a 3 month cure :-)

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Yeah right @@DutchPassionTony it wouldn't last me 3 months let alone jarring it for 3mths sounds delicious and looks amazing good job am

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Love them giant candy sticks! :yep: hat off ta ya, altho most of nutes/enviroment tech lessons are WAAAY above my comprehension :ermm:

^ ^ ^

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Hi AM, I love the pinkness to that bud mate. Superb grow n' report. I'm stashing this in my favourites. That doesn't happen very often. One to do for sure. :yep:

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Hi AM, I love the pinkness to that bud mate. Superb grow n' report. I'm stashing this in my favourites. That doesn't happen very often. One to do for sure. :yep:

Cheers man..............im off to start a new thread;

Power Plant 12/12 From Seed.........................they sex at around 25cm tall !!........................i going to need a bigger mag lens !!.......should be interesting..............80% sativa 20% indi.............AM

Ps;..............That DesFran is a mental smoke Cb.......................we are talking there for 6hrs plus.............. and (am / morning) side if you go to far............... i hit it one night with one, managed to finish it, but woke up satdy morning at 10am...after serious rem kip................was still Mullenard..............................true ............. AM

Edited by AutoMaster
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Seriously guys?? what kind of joke is this??

It's a shame for the community how Dutch Passion ripped off the Destroyer strain from the spanish breeder Charlie Garcia... Desfrán?? What a joke! This is just a selection of Destroyer from Cannabiogen made years ago in Argentina and shared with you guys. How can you lie so much about the lineage? Meao Thai, Mexican and Colombian? 25 years of breeding? WTF??? And by the way the strain's description its pathetic, it's not even Oaxacan in it idiots... it was a different strain the one Charlie used.

it's a shame how you guys misinform and manipulate the people with your lies. Charlie Garcia spent years working and cleaning the Meao Thai and then crossing those to his Colombian and Mexican to create such a special hybrid, a non commercial sativa (no haze or skunk) but yet with outstanding qualities and reasonable flowering time. So stop lying about this please. Respect the original creators of the strain and all the effort and love he put into it.

Why you guys don't specificate that your plant is just a copy of the legendary Destroyer strain from Cannabiogen? You never breed this nor did the argentinian guy... he just got a good clone and according to my source, Alberto never authorized you guys to make S1 of it... this is why many elite clones would be never shared, because world is full of greed and theives.

Give credit when credit is due... shame of thieves of the cannabussines. You and the rest of pollen chuckers are the scum of the cannabis community. If you want to sell strain, work your own or pay a proper breeder to do that! Dutch Passion's been selling other's people works from their origins... Sam, DJ Short, now Charlie Garcia... :nono:

Just for your information, Charlie Garcia is about to close his seedbank and stopped breeding commercially just because of thieves like you and because he doesn't sell enough seeds and all the years he invests in breeding are just worthless because others like you, are the ones who profit on them instead... so guess what? Soon you thieves won't have more strains to knock off!

This just makes me sick. :censored:

P.S: I will make sure everyone knows about this thievery in all the international forums I've been member for the past few years. People should support the original breeders and not the rats. So you can at least grow a proper version of the plant and not a shitty untested S1!

Edited by GlennOrch
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To be fair @@GlennOrch, DP have just brought the strain to a wider market. Having read up on it now as a result of this thread a pack of regs from Cannabiogen is going to be my next purchase.

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Before people kick off, I see no problems with GlennOrch’s post, I do not necessarily agree with all of his conclusions.

I have talked with Charlie in the past, he is a brilliant breeder and a very nice man in real life, I think he deserves recognition for the years of breeding work he put into creating destroyer.

I cook up a few lines myself, I do not patent them, once they are out there, to me its down to the people who grow what I selected how they use them or what crosses they make from them, I do not agree with people owning genes, but do feel that recognition should be attributed to the work creating the original line..

It saddens me that Charlie is giving up breeding because he is one of the few people who I have talked with that has a true love of our unique favourite plant. I wish there were many more small breeders but like me Charlie is getting old.

At least one selection of his work will live on in DP’s Desfran S1 line.

I hope no one minds my opinion on the subject, if Tony wishes to delete my input, I will not be offended as this is his forum, having looked at Automaster’s grow it gives tribute to him as a grower, DP’s S1 and to the quality of Charlies breeding originating the strain and refining it over the years.

All the best Ot1.

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So DP ripped a strain off and gave no credit to the orginal breeder? Have I understood that correctly?

Edited by Tony Montana
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DP brings the strain to a wider market?

At least a Destroyer selection will live on in DP as a S1 "line"?


Are you kidding?

Do you think they do it because they love the plant or something like that? Because they like to share cannabis biodiversity?


They steal the work of Charly and fool the ppl.

A S1 is not a genethic "line" in the ethnobothanical sense. Is just a shity copy with no biodiversity. No adaptation potencial. Is the minimal genetic expression of a individual.

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Tony Montana, S1's are made from selected clone lines, they could be one in a million or a sport, such as cheese being selected from a sensi seed bank pack of seeds or princess selected again from some sensi seed line and being developed into C99, I don't see any of the lines developed as rip offs, in this case, I do feel DP should recognise Charlie, but that is down to them, I do not feel that the origins should be hidden.

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Tony Montana, S1's are made from selected clone lines, they could be one in a million or a sport[..]

S1 are made from any female plant.

You make a S1 when you just have a clone and need seeds from it. It happens when:

1) you get a clone from someone/somewhere and need to get seeds from it (maybe you want you own strain without all that breeding work) so you aplly STS to the plant and get the seeds.

2) you just bought a pack of feminized seeds, so no males, you unique choice is to aplly STS to one of these females (with parents were already treated with STS.

Reading the history of the Desfran in the argentinien room in Cannabiscafe the conclusion is that the "breeder" just feminized a plant he got from others.

http://www.cannabiscafe.net/foros/showthread.php/147196-La-Leyenda-de-la-DesFran-%21%21%21/page2 look at the comments of the user "Fran...!"

Edited by Zeno
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