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Stoned Whale

Making Bubble then into BHO

Hey all,

I have the trim from my recent harvest which is packed into two plastic sainsburys bags. Not sure on weight but its a fair amount.

I have previously always made Bubble hash, doing 3-4 runs each time, usually pulling substantial weights, got something like 60gram last harvest.

Quality isn't the highest and with me doing almost daily edibles and moving from spliffs to the volcano, bubble just doesn't appeal as much any more.

I want oil for multiple reasons, mostly to use in edibles as I am sick of tasting cannabutter (high tolerence means strong butter needed, nasty stuff). Would be smoking some through my rig aswell though.

So because BHOing all of this with my small OG extractor tube would take a hell of alot of butane and time I'm wondering about first making bubble and then making BHO from this? I would probably keep the 25ug bubble.

Any problems I should know about? Can you make BHO if material is damp?

Also wondering about decarboxylation since I'm thinking about edibles, would I be better decarbing the hash before BHOing? Seems like decarbing BHO is a bit of a pain needing an oil bath rather than just oven.


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Why don t u make a small amount of bho for smoking and run the bulk of the msterial as an alchol extraction for edibles.

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Yeah, BHO for smoking, Alcohol for edibles.

Check out some of blowsterke's threads and posts on edibles made with oil. She is always making tasty treats :rofl:

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