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Opticlimate water cooled air con / Heater / Dehumidifier all in one -

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could you answer these for me ? ^^^^^

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@BoomTing  Its up to you with the co2 im not really seeing much difference between mine and yes you can connect a fan and filter as thats what im doing....if your running 1 tent then you will run 10" duct from your tent to the back of the opti and then use a 6" fan and filter to keep negitive pressure but you wont be able to use co2 this way

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Hey bud, ended up getting one of these but still not set it up as im confused on how to run it regarding the extraction part.


In the shop they said all i needed was one 10" in and one 10" out on the opti then use a fan and filter in the room to scrub the air or have it connected to a extraction like on a normal system.


Any chance you could take a sneaky snap of yours to explain in more detail or draw me a diagram please ?

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You can either use the opti in a room and it will draw the air in from the back of it or you have it out the room and use a 10" fan and filter from the room to the back of the opti which you really need the plem box for...either way you will need a 6"fan and filter  which goes out the room to keep negative pressure

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On 9/20/2017 at 6:12 PM, BoomTing said:


Would you recommend running a sealed room with co2 ? Also do how often do you replace the filters in the back of the opti?


Could you not have a carbon filter connected to a fan and ducting pushing into the back of the opti or would that not work ?


Sorry for all the questions but its a massive investment and i need to make sure its viable.

The whole point of using an opticlimate is to run a closed loop system - So long as you have the humidity and temps under control, which you should do if you've set everything up correctly - co2 will be useful. 

If the room aint dialled yet, don't bother. 

I had horrible issues with co2 generators when using the opti 15000 first time - nobody from dimlux explained that when using a propane generator you have to put the ppms up very slowly to allow plants to acclimatise, unlike bottled co2 that you can just put straight in at 1200ppm....

Either keep opti in the grow space at ceiling height or have 2 ducts running into space at different points in the growspace, then have a 4" fan and filter on a variac on low speed to maintain neg. pressure. 

They aren't quiet - but they're not really designed to be, despite all the 'stealth' shit written in their marketing.... they're designed to get more yield out of less space. 

If running one I'd recommend building a heavily insulated chamber for either the whole grow room or just the opti, and pay out for the anti-vibration plates - they're worth it. 

Also a humidifier is essential as the opti automatically dehumidifies the air, a lot. 

I currently use all the dimlux sensors to run my room, but I have no need for an opticlimate right now. I've used the 15000, the 15000 split unit, the 10000, and the 6000 split. I like the 6000 for the portability and ease of getting it through doorways lol that 15000 took 4 of us nearly an hour to get it up a set of stairs once....


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There loud as fuck is the opti`s the clunking and clicking as well as it running is enough for me !!



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