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The Random Thread

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Yes, the shovel is very small or the shrew is massive. It's definitely not a rat ,as they're like a cat, kind of. Just one letter away from being almost identical. 

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Posted (edited)

Double post ,sorry. 

Edited by Michael Luchóg

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Hello there fellow GG..

Forgive me jumping in to ask a question not related to the thread-I have low battery and just thought I’d ask anywhere and hope for a reply.

i suffered a bit of budrot last year and I’m now looking into whether it’s worth getting sone AMISTAR. 
have you ever heard of using this a preventative measure? 

i have about 40 plants outdoors this year with a view that 1/4 will be lost. I’m hoping I’ve past the worrying seedling stage of leaving them alone whilst only an inch tall.


i have many autos.

northern lights 

Gorilla cookies.



critical 2.0

Widowxog kush 12/12

s.a.d FF

green poison FF

Devil Xl 

wedding cake

bruce Banner 

bacio gelato 


diamond queen kush (RQS).


I proved that my site is safe and can support a bigger operation so I took full advantage of SLL the BOGOF offers that come in a row from Xmas right through to 420. 
I used the ‘big’ company that is smashing the auto seed market atm from Spain. I’m sure you would know them. 
but along side that company selling 3seeds for £25 or 6 for the same at 50% off still seems a bit expensive to me.

i typed in a strain a year ago and a co I had used before flashed up… OMG BRO.!!!

talk about cheap… I’m gonna try and get this through to you. B….ulk.        G—enet—ics.

They have the same strains as SS but for £2 ..

i just recieved a 30% off discount Code.

you get 5 free seeds on any order on top.

30 northern lights+5 free G glue for £35.

Great value..

there most expensive seeds are like £3.67 for 27% beast. 
I find this site quite difficult to use like uploading photos. Otherwise I would happily run a friend like everyone else does maybe I’ll work it out one day.

I’ve also just purchased an auto pot, 2×8.5 L

self watering pod to trial run with chilies/tomatoes..

theres a dude on yt called BASSDROPKEYS  and he’s getting some sick yields-check it out!!


im about to water my 35/40 girls..!!

take care bro



Let me know about the MOULD PROTECTION PRODUCT 




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Stagger your plant outs with autos and youl hit different weather during the most important couple of weeks 

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10 hours ago, Michael Luchóg said:

Yes, the shovel is very small 


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I have an exo gold that was eaten in half by a snail at seedling stage.  It must have just happened when I found it leaving just the stem and one cotyledon and then the top which was just starting its first three bladed leaves.  A bit pissed off, I made a hole in the compost, put the top in and have kept it regularly watered. I now appear to have two exo gold plants, though they are going pretty slowly. Anyone ever heard of this happening before. I thought both would probably die 

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