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The Random Thread

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Okay i didnt mean to ask you twice. lol

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1 hour ago, Tommy tucker said:

@the lone deranger


How did you make the hash?


a bunch of mates, hesian sacks stapled to their coats, with their arms out, running through my plot..  :cowboy:





lol bubble bags, a 20ltr brewing bucket and lots of ice :yep: look up frenchie canolli (if youtube havn't deleted him :doh: )

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4 hours ago, the lone deranger said:



@harvestreaper It's primo stuff. Really sticky, and stinks like diesel. Reminds me of some hash my mate scored years ago, and we ripped him for it, saying it was gack bar :doh:  


Your's is all looking good this year mate :yep:

nice job ive buggerd it up when ive tried meself  lol,,,,,, yep gotta few nice bits in but with the bulk  being sativa dom experiments wont know how ive done til around mid nov 

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@the lone deranger wow frenchie canolli

is amazing. Great find.

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38 minutes ago, Tommy tucker said:

frenchie canolli


Cool, are all his videos's still up then? he certainly knows his hash lol


I havn't got running water, or a camping washing machine, or a big hose like him so had to adapt a bit. I use a 20ltr brew bucket, 4 bubble bags (cut one up to make dry sieve), lots of ice, and a big spoon and river water. The things i've taken from watching him are:


Use fresh frozen bud/trim - you get a cleaner hash, and you dont have to trim :yep: It all just goes straight in the freezer.

Be gentle with the mixing/stirring, especially at first. I used to use a drill and a mixer, but you get much lower quality, and not much more hash?

First wash only 30 secs. Keeps that one seperate as it's the best quality.

Gradually increase length of time during wash/mix.


I mix in a seperate bucket so there's more room and i wont damage the bags, then add to the bubble bags once mixed up. Leave to settle, stir again, leave to settle etc so all thc falles through the mesh. As many times as i can be arsed.


Bare in mind that it will need drying properly, and curing. It's 10 times better after 3 to 6 months, i try not to touch it for 6 months. You dont want it going mouldy :yep:





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On 11/10/2018 at 0:09 AM, the lone deranger said:

Got no exuses now.. Next year, I'm definitly gonna grow more :yep:



Hash looks gorgeous,

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