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Hazy's Hash Stash

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Looks spot on that red hash brilliant thread here @McHazy

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Aye aye folks 

Some nice white widow bubble hash for yez


It is pokey as fuck wake n bake wi it an the day is a write off like lol


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Latest run


Run 1



Run 2



Run 3



Not too bad



Here's first run very soft very sticky very moreish this lump gettin stashed for a cure :yep:





Second run still quite soft but easier to work with firmer texture 




Third run lowest grade almost solid rock hard little nugget takes ages to go soft in yer fingers tasty tho :yep: 




McHazy :skin_up:


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looks good,:yep: im gonna be doing a bubble run myself tomorrow, need me some of the funky stuff for night time smoke. promised to get myself a camping washing machine for multi runs at ease this year

enjoy your bubble mate. :smokin:

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It's become well tasty :yep:


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Hi McHazy 

That's some awesome lookin

Hashish Hashish Hashish

Welcome to another addition of This HaaaaashWinsTdaaaay everybody! 


If that hash doesn't rip yr face off, I quit aswel! lol 

Haha sorry for the waffle bud, jst bn binge watchin Urban Remo the last few nights catchin up on his antics. 

That's some absolute fukin fire lookin blo tho, enjoy man! 


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