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Tent in spare room, rented property, attic looks promising.

Basically I have just completed a 5 plant grow in a 600w 1.2x1.2x.2 tent, everything was perfect regarding environment, vented out of a well designed window box, carbon filter etc, no smell, no tell etc. Overall security was pretty good, no inspections from any landlord/agency.

Recently moved to a 3 bed semi, v nice, much posher area. Not wanting to grow in spare room anymore there is a flue I might be able to get a T style junction to fit my 8in ducting, running carbon filter. What are my major security issues? Barring visits, keeping gob shut...I am talking choppers and smell, and the best way to minimise risk...Do I need a new tent? Mine certainly wont fit...but could I modify it? Anyone with experience in this please help, cos at the moment I am venting indoors, in the spare room, it's winter, and I am about to flip 6@2 month veg to flower. House is gonna PONG HAHAHA


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If your carbon filter is working you wont have any smell.

A company called roof qube (I think) make tents in the shape of a loft.

Or you could insulate the loft and seal it up.

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