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First Grow Think Different under 400w any advice appreciated

Hi all, been a member for a while and read quite a few grow diaries and last week finally took the plunge and bought equipment. I've been doing a bit of research and wanted to try a Think Different grow due to the great yields some of the diaries have shown, I'm not naive enough to think I'll be able to emulate some of the 200g+ yields on my first attempt but am interested to see how it fairs as it seems like a good strain for a small grow. The space im growing in is pretty restrictive and doesn't have fantastic air flow but we'll see how it goes.

I was hoping to try and fit two plants in the small tent I've got but not sure if the plants will suffer later on in the cramped conditions so I think the plan atm is to just have one plant on the go and see how much I can get from putting all my efforts into it. I also bought a 15L Airpot as I had read that TD does better if its put in 10L - 20L pots, anyone know if this was a good idea or should I have gone for maybe 2 7.5L's or something?

I have gone the cheap route, something I may regret later but was looking to get everything for under £250 (the missus wasn't even happy with that when I told her!) which might seem tight but so far i've nearly got everything I think and have only just brushed over £200. I'll list what I have so far:

60x60x140 Tent - £52 : in hindsight I probably could have fitted the size up from this and don't know if it will even fit two TD

400W HPS - £45

4inch Fan and Carbon Filter - £47

Seeds £30

4x Yoyo Hangers £8 : total rubbish from what I can gather so far, think I'd rather just use some string to hold everything up

15L Airpot - £10

Thermometer £3.29 I know its a cheap hong kong jobby but its a thermometer for gods sake it either works or it doesnt

50L Coco - £14.49

5L Perlite - £5

I haven't bought any nutrients yet, tbh I don't really know much about nutes and wasn't really planning on using many if any at all. I haven't really bothered to learn up on them can anyone offer any advice as to nutes they've had success with and when they used them? if its on a TD grow as well that would be really helpfull.

I have a couple queries I've come across since trying to set up so if anyone could answer these I would be very grateful:

I followed the following guide: to put the Airpot together and it recommended putting the bottom of the airpot a couple rows up from the bottom on the longer cones, when I water it what is there to stop the water just going all the way through and out the bottom and being wasted?

I've seen a bit of a debate as to whether to plant seeds straight into their final pots, which is what I plan to do but I was wondering what you should put the actual seed in? as in can it just go straight into my Perlite/Coco or should I put it in a small section of some other medium that is good for seedlings in the middle of my coco?

Also how do you upload photos on here? I cant see a button and the image button only links to URL do you have to upload on another site?

Thanks for any help you throw my way I'll be very grateful for it

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Welcome to the growing club.

Your on the right track but there are a few things your missing. If you go with what you have I would be surprised if you make it to veg.

I grow in a 60x60x180 drobe under a 400w hps so similar space and set up. I am just flushing at the moment a single plant scrog of White Russian in soil (6.5l airpot) that looks like it will yield somewhere around 9 ounces when fully dried and previously had a black cream auto and a moby dick auto in coco, both were LST'd, growing at the same time that yielded 8 ounces between them (6.5 airpot).

The first challenge you need to overcome is the amount of heat the 400 will kick out, the way I get round it is with a cool tube, a hand made shade and a 5" fan and carbon filter. You will also need some sort of fan controller to have any hope of managing the on/off temps. don't forget to keep the light ballast outside the tent. Depending on where you have the tent you will probably need heating as well through the coldest part of winter. I have got a couple of friends who use 250 cfl and produce great quality bud with out the heat issues but less than half the quantity.

Your other main challenge is your growing medium. I am a big fan of coco and I don't plan to use soil again but you absolutely have to have a few bits of kit and nutes. coco is virtually inert so you have to add everything. You will definately need a way to check PH levels and I would advice CF as well. For nutes you will need at the very least a rooting additive, grow nutes and bloom nutes and I would also advice calmag in coco. For the basics I recommend vitalink for value for money but everyone has their preference. I also include additives from several different places like silicon, fulvic acid, bud blood, Buddhas tree 9/18, overdrive and flush. It's not cheap but it all goes a long way when you only have a couple of plants at a time. Most of the bottles last me a year. It's not necessary but my view is to maximize the potential of the 3 month cycle, if your going to take the risk and put the effort then make it count. It's still a lot cheaper than £10/g.

My advice, if you can't afford the outlay for all the coco stuff, is to go for soil/perlite. It takes great skill and experience to get the same quantity in soil, especially from auto's, as you would in coco but it's a lot more forgiving if things go wrong. It's hard to lose a plant in soil but pretty easy in coco with out all the kit. You don't need to ph your water and you can generally make do with a lot less in the way of feed. Some people just use an organic bloom feed in flowering and that's it.

As for pot size it is plant and grow specific so with out going into the detail my advice for this grow is straight into a 10L airpot but read up on watering seedlings in big pots and the wet dry cycle. You probably would do well to use a root stim if your going straight for a pot that big.

All this advice obviously doesn't consider noise and light.

The best advice I have ever received about growing bud is "Get on with it, it's just a fucking weed!"

Have fun.

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I'm just growing some autos and can tell you it's better to pot up at least once anything to speed up sprouting is worth it as for the space you could of got 10 or even 6.5 ltr pots 15 for auto it's too big just my opinion the plants grow down first before they grow up so will take a long time to fill them out and as autos short life span they will never fulfill that pot I'm using 10's next time im using 6.5 airpots. I'm doing bluemazars dutchpasion and they all look different in size and looks some are small some are big so you really don't know what there going to do I have 8 and 3 are small and 6 are normal size so the 15 ltr pot really is a bit too big but if they fit in the tent then I doubt the plants will outgrow the pot diameter supercropping the fuck out of them too from week 3 onward hopefully you'll get a couple of big girls good luck I too have 400 w but have good ruk fan temps get about 28 so don't know but might get a bit hot in there mate definitely should pop them some where a little bit easier on the babies first overwise might stunt them a bit I'd say use a coco /soil/perlite sand mix water phed first week them low veg nutes like 2ml per ltr for next 3 weeks then should flower by then but don't use bloom straight away do another week or so then bloom water till you get good run of probably every 3 days or so look at leaves if yellow tips lower nutes if not carry on if whole leaf is light green to yellow up nutes plants are all different like I said so judge how much they want with your eyes read your plant they react quick if you do so don't worry if you over do it good luck and post some pics

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As for nutes use plant magic old time grow and bloom if you have the money later on get pk boost well worth it really gives them crystals if you haven't got the money wait for a bit till you have it will be worth it trust me

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