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Dutch Passion Blueberry

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Ya, that would be the normal MO for some, however, trying to feed these girls with PH under 6.6 resulted in yellow lower leaves, even dropping a few...

OVERNIGHT!! That's less than 24 hrs.

Tried 3 times during the grow to drop the PH with the same dramatic results.

Figured I'd give her what she asked for, not what I though she needed.

In the end, she turned out ACES.

Only negative to me is no "blueberry" smell.

The 'look' of fert problems was cured with the slight warming of the rootball.


I agree Thomo, warming root ball to above 18c, will help swing Ph up slightly turning the uptake corner. I stopped using epsom and other acidic compounds to pre fert soil substrates, as it increases acidity in the soil, when saturated (Non Air Pot). Dropping Ph at the start of veg. To low levels below Ph 5.8, or lower.

What where the run off Ph'es found in your pre loaded medium in veg etc Thomo? wetting a medium with acidic additives, in a bag, with low or zero 02 getting in, could cause oxygen depletion and may turn the medium over the week, "Anaerobic" causing increased acidity, after soil bacterial digestion products are released inside the sealed bag etc, like in a mature garden anaerobic composter. if used neat on garden plants it is such low Ph it will roll em over. Diluted 8;1 it will promote em.......

I suspect your "Wet" substrate matrix Ph was below 5.5, when you filled the dames home pots, (Take 10g of Soil In 100ml 0.00Ec RO @26c, Wait 30mins Take Soil Ph), so when you added 6.6 Ph feeds, it wouldn't be a high enough Counter the 'Low" substrate Ph, to lift Ph back to above 6.1, so N might be locked out at this early stage Thomo.

The yellowing of lower fans, could be, or is usually "Nitrogen Claw Back" by the dame in low Ph situation, i suspect....... i have had it happen with pre loading acidic crystal chems into my soil mediums Thomo. I had to flush 10ltrs of RO at 23c (Zero salt Loaded) though the dame at Ph 8.0 to retrieve Ph back to 6.1 from 5.5-5.8. it worked, they recovered in 3 days

In addition, benefited from a prolonged flush !!. Importantly, the "Ec" of the run of was over 4000, when i first hit the problem the dame was showing me. I relized i had not fed that amount of nute, to build such a low Ph. it was the additives that lowered the Ph before i even deployed the medium !! hence i dont pre load mediums any more, 6 tablespoons 2 thirds of a cup in 20ltr is quite a bit of acidic crystal Thomo.

I now only use lime free sand and vermiculite in my inns no2 seedling compy which is medium to low nute soil, with an out the bag Ph of 6. The plus is it dont move to far from that !! and 02 gets in there in bulk !! with "Light" hand drop compression, topped up when settle post week 3-4 etc. The proof of the pudding is, "Terpen Production" is dramatically reduced in the presence of low Ph mediums. Very little terpen perfume was encountered with the Blueberry, in question,. usually a copious 'Fruit/Berry Bouquet" from that strain TM....Hope my experience of low Ph'es, helps shed some light on the issue encountered though Thomo, no worries.. we all live and learn though..... great grow bro, keep upthe good work....... AM

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Dutch Passion Blueberry is one of the greatest cannabis breeding achievements. Believe me.

It's superb, grows fast, makes the densest buds you've ever seen and I'm not joking, the effect is a sedative stone very comfortable and euphoric (probably quite high CBD profile),

the Blueberry smell and taste is definetely there.

I grew it I don't even remember how many times, starting in 2008 with fem seeds, and now in regular form, never had a hermie problemù with either.

I may sound emphatic, but for a reason. This is for the people that like the better things in life. This strain is fantastic

Greetz from France

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Keeping an eye on this thread

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Really nice buds and colour, nice smell of ripe strawberry

6 litre soil, airpot, vegged in coco 8weeks, Canna feed in flower, 600w in a multi grow


Last few days before chop, will share a smoke review with you next month

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Across the pond in central Cannada...ive grown the DP BB for 5 years. 2 of the 5 years i had major stalk splits and i believe the stress caused a late stage hermy(minimal impact for yield). All 5 times i grew it out smoke has been amazing. Very, very potent. Smells I have gotten are Blueberry Muffins(3 of 5 plants) and Blueberry Perfume (2 of 5 plants). Absolutely love the smells every season, but the perfume bb is amazing. Yields have been off the charts compared to dozens of other strains....largest was last seasons pulling an insane 90oz dry. This season i lost some branches in heavy winds but still pulled 64oz. MOld resistance has been good versus other strains, not bulletproof but only a few spots and easy to spot against the light green.






Overall opinion...if you have a nice spot, and the plant will have a fairly stress free life, give the DP BB a go. If you think it is a stressful life to come, consider to reconsider.

Edited by 912GreenSkell

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@@912GreenSkell, @@DutchPassionTony this is my favourite plant this year for smoke quality, I love it and will try it outdoors, aware of poss hermie risk.

Indoors, I'm tempted to to grow out a pack of regs and clone every plant to see what variations may be found, if any.

Then regrow the best of the bunch.

This why I like it

First and most important, it's got a good kick with a clear vision settling into lock if you smoke too much

Clones and props easily

Nice size buds, good size plant medium large

Lovely smell to the jar sweet narcotic spiced fruit

Flavour nice and sweet to my taste. Wouldnt want any more flavour.

Although it has a full smell and flavour, it doesnt stink the house out like some strains.

Thanks for the seeds Tony. 1 seed sometimes goes a very long way ! It's been a good year.

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@@autodog - Its really is topnotch quality smoke bud! The first year i grew it out just before preflower she forked off in many directions which lead to many buds site and giant colas. Still wish i had a mother plant of that one!! Haven't seen the "Forkin' Awesome" pheno since. Good luck with the BB outdoors!

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This is a review of the plant in the top two pics above.

I want to upgrade the quality of my reviews further, so i started a new more indepth template. Your might notice that i am a kind of a tough rater. 10/10 ratings rarely exist, as i feel there is almost always room for improvement. If I rate more than a few 10/10 ratings overall, you can expect this strain to be really topnotch. My ratings are based on a single plant, but will be updated to include updated reivew on multiple plants as grown. I am striving to make these medical based outdoor grow reports, to be the most indepth available. Some of my ratings from the medical side will often seem low. That is due to the severity of the 24/7 Chronic Pain and migrane headaches cause from an upper neck spinal chord injury. The best weed i have smoked so far only has a rating of 7/10.

SeedBank : Dutch Passion

Strain: Blueberry photoperiod

Did it autoflower?: Y/N No photoperiod strain

Soil/hydro: Started in Promix HP

Transplant: Standard transplant

Average Stalk height: 5.5 feet

Circumferance: 32 feet

Nutes: Advance Nutrient Connosseur Bloom, Green Planet Massive, Green Planet Terpinator, Foxfarm Cha-ching, AN Flawless Finish

Light (kind and schedule): 24 hour under Galaxy Hydro and Maro 100X3w for 10 days, then under the sun during the day and under LED all night until day 30. Then planted in the ground on June the 1st. Increasing natural light regime to 16hours on June the 21st, then declining losing 2-3 minutes per day.

From seed to harvest date: 6months (april 1st to Oct 12th)

Dry Yield: 64oz

RATE SCALE: 1-10 rating system with 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best.

Outdoor Grow report:

Mold Resistance 7/10 Very few mold specs. We had an off year this season with virtually no rain until preflower and then the weather turned into a wet season for the majority of flower(pain in the ass season) I pulled around 5 smaller spots of mold from this huge plant. I had a major stalk split from high winds during a storm and i ended up getting a bit of stalk rot.

Insect Resistance 9/10 Very few bug bites on the Blueberry vs other strains. It seems like the leafhoppers and whiteflies dont like the taste of the Blueberry this season. ;)

Bud to leaf ratio 7/10 A decent bud to leaf ratio, but lots of trimming to do though!

Bud Density 6/10 A decent density this season, but not great. Acceptable density, but many of the buds are quite fluffy on the BB.

Tolerance to Nutrients NA/10 - I didnt make any mistakes throughout this plants life. As always this plant is a light early seedling feeder, and they always seems to like a fairly dry medium.

Tolerance to Wind 6/10 This plant had a knotting branch to trunk transitions which was prone to splitting. 60kph windstorm took its toll on this plant. Lost 1 main branch and 5 secondary branches.

Tolerance to Cold 7/10 We got a stretch of below 10 degrees celcius for 3 days with one day hitting close to 0. Minimal stress showing on the Blueberry. Also saw several frosts at the end of flower, and took them okay, but leaves did take a fair hit.

Trichome Production 7/10 Very good crystal formation.

Ease of Training 6/10 A good plant for early LST. Once the plant was older, branches became brittle and rubbery, which made canopy management very difficult. .

Scent Strength 8/10 Over the last years growing this strain i have gotten two smells. One is the Blueberry Muffin scent which is quite nice.....and then there is the blueberry perfume which is absolutely stinky and amazing, and is the smell of this years plant. Last season i got the perfume scent and love it. Same this season.

Overall Recommendation as an outdoor plant 6/10 - This the the 5th year i have grown DP BB. Mold resistance has always been pretty solid on the BB. In a decent climate with lower winds this rating would be higher, but in my climate(2 tornado warnings with ripping wind, and heavy, heavy rainstorms) the knuckled stalks of the BB pose quite a problem. Ive had 3 years of fairly major stalk splits on this strain, and 2 of 3 stalk splits caused too much stress and the plant hermied(or at least thats what i think caused the shift in sex).

Average Outdoor 6.0/10 (i am sure if i did detailed review using the same rating system, last years would have surpassed this seasons in average rating)

Medical Effect Report:

Migrane Headaches 6/10 - This strain doesnt do a whole lot to help migranes, though it doesnt have a negative impact either.

Muscle tension/spasms 8/10 -The Blueberry works very well for shutting down muscle spasms.

Severe Chronic Pain 7/10 - The Blueberry is mongst the best strains i have grown for pain control. Every plant i have grown so far, has solid pain control. Not so great to take away severe pain, but it does help to nullify it to some degree.

Anxiety/Depression 7/10 - Quite a powerful sedative high, but one that really makes you feel warm and happy. For me its not the best buzz for social smoking, usually leaning more to typical indica effects.

High Duration 7/10 - Strong buzz at 1.5hours, and still feel the effects at 2 hours after a good half of a decent sized joint. .

Overall Medical Effect Rating 7.0/10

Final Thoughts - Ahh the Blueberry....this plant is amazing smoke and always produces massize yields. Smell is always spectacular as are tastes. Medical effect has been there for me as well. But she doesnt take stress very well, and it seems the knuckled branches make the main stalk prone to splitting. In a less extreme climate than my own, i bet the DP Blueberry could do some amazing things, and given decent care even in a guerilla situation she could pull some decent results. Ive decided to finally retire the Blueberry for a season from the full sun garden and plant her next season in the test garden with only 8 tapering down to 6 direct sun by the end of the season. Wind in the test garden is far lower, which should virtually eliminate stalk splitting with any luck.

Edited by 912GreenSkell
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@@912GreenSkell fantastic report mate. Thanks for sharing. your plants are HUUUUGE

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