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OT1 Guide To Bonsai Mums

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1 hour ago, Slippy One said:

Think those are 1L, and I do use coco, hence the salt build up. I'd opt for more wattage or closer to the light early on, then dim back once they're bigger. 


If costs are an issue like they are with me, and you have a garden, they'll be fine outdoors until mid august before flowering, get the keepers indoors from then ..



So your pots are actually bigger than what I have these in, the nodes are an inch apart but slightly further apart up top.


I've no intention of flowering these Slippy, just want to pick the best 1 from each of the 2 to keep as a mothers, won't be doing another run for at least 2 grows (seed stockers next). No4 is an early finisher and No2 is pure bliss. I've got one (No1 & not what I want to keep) that has been in a small round pot for weeks now, not paid her much attention but she's nice and small & healthy, I'll stick a photo up to see what you think as I don't think she'll ever produce a decent cut tbh. Next time I'll keep them in the 2.5" like OT has.


Thanks for the advice on the light, I had it set at 25w to start and have upped it as I went along, so I did it arse about face lol  live & learn.

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Have since refreshed these with cuts, just to give an idea of what’s doable with a 20w led strip. 



Last round - 3L pots waiting to go into the flower tent.



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