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JORGE'S DIAMONDS/Orange Hill Special/The Edge[A joint venture]

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coming on well hey canny? The should all be pretty frosty by the end, enjoy the coming weeks

Hi @@DutchPassionTony,thanks Tony,yep they're ok aren't they!The Trichome coverage is starting up now on plant 1- 'Wakey', while Plant 2-'Rise' is already covered with the lil' sparklers. The one plant in after another scenario is throwing up a few over/under feeding quirks but it's averaging out ok. Good grow,good times n' good laughs mate. So it' all good. All the best for 2014. :)

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Hi all, a bit of a tease of a post this one,lol as it's only to say that I've just tended to the girls n' Plant 2 -'Rise' in a matter of days has gone from very tric'y to what i can only describe as SOAKED in 'em.lol.lol.

Lights on wouldn't do her justice,so I'll post some pics tomorrow,lights off. She just started to show the first signs of finishing,a few browning pistils,n' i've just increased pk9/18 to .5ml per litre. Maybe coincidently,maybe not,her trichome cover now makes the surface of the budz look more like a tric' filled film of oil.

On top of that plant 3-'Billie' that I've taken the cuttings from,at 4wks is showing herself to be the same as 'Rise'.Trc'y as you like! so it's win win. :thumsup: Pics to follow.

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Cant wait to see them mate!

Are you getting any nice colours in the bud now?

Mine had some lovely soft pinks and oranges in the buds!

When you could see through the trichs that is! lol

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Hi mate,yep,Rise is starting to show some pinkish hues. I'm impressed with these. It'll be good to watch them over the next wk or two. I don't think Rise wil be much longer than that. The more sativa dom' one,Wakey's pistils are still white but i can tell she about to start finishing too. Thanks for looking in. Did you find these seperate phenos with yours?

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Not that I noticed to be honest, but mine wasn't a very successful grow lol

But I did have 1 or 2 that were finished sooner

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Hi mate,yep that's what's happening with these. ta for getting back. :)

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Hiya, here we are as promised some pics of the plants.




Sorry for the tease as even these shots don't show her tric's very well.Believe me though,they're there.


Warts n' all.


In that shot you can just see signs of overfeeding in the clawing of one or two leaves.

What can you spot in this one of her.


lol. Not hard to spot three different prob's Under/over feeding n' heat stress.

'Wakey' was the first plant in,n' as such was the one i first had to sort out the feeding regime on.

Which i haven't got quite right,or too badly either.Only one of the supercropped stems showed the

nitrogen def' that you can see. I added 1ml Algamix to her feed to counter this n' it's caused

overfeed on the rest of her. Plus the slight heat stress. also i think i increased the bloom feed to 4ml n' it was too much.

She's now had water only for three days n' is ok.

Now a shot of plant 3 'Billie'.


Healthy enough yeah but on the edge of being overfed too n' has only had water for three days too. She's droopy during the dark period. This is an ongoing prob' that i need to sort.

The extraction needs upgrading from it's current 4" to a 5" maybe even 6" as i plan on adding

another 1m x 1m space soon to do a scrog in. The carbon filter sleeve in my 12/12 space

needs cleaning too n' may be adding to the prob' as it looks pretty dusty.

There we have it then. I've been a bit heavy on the feed n' will lighten up a bit. As the grows goes through I'll sort these out. These are the first three plants of the grow,the following plants have all had their feed regime altered as I've learnt from these.

Next update Sunday.

Happy grows all.


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Hi all, a short note to show some different growth to one of the plants.

When i did this topping to these two,


it caused this to happen to one of them'



Different growth. Four stems can be seen coming from this internode instead of the usual two!

It was three at the internode below this. I wonder how it'll pan out as the stems continue to grow?

I'll show this more as it developes.

N' a pic of 'Wakey's tops with about 3wks to go.


A bit blurred but it gives an idea of her.



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Hi @@themanwithnoname' I just managed to get these shots of 'rise's tric's.

A little better than the last. plus a shot of 'Wakey' that i could hardly fit in,

n' a couple of other pics. Not long for Rise i reckon. :thumsup:





They're a bit better. lol

Here's 'Wakey'.


She starting to form great colas.

N' finally one of the 12/12 cupboard


'Rise' is starting to throw out a nice orange as she nears maturity. I'll have to get the micro' n' have a look at the Tric's soon.



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Hi all'

Got a few pics of the plants.


That's 'Rise' at aprox 7.5wks.

Some of her budz are nearly there while others are still finshing.

Here's more of 'Rise'


The fan controller in the shot is aprox 30 x 20cm,included to show her in proportion.


The full size radiator agian for perspective to show her height. remembering she's been supercropped.


Again my hand's there to show the size of that unfinished bud.

She's a good plant,imho lush!

And now for something completely different!

These next shots are of plant 3 'Serena'

Being topped as i've said,has caused odd growth Only one of her four stems is affected,

causing it to flatten I think what's happened is that two stems are growing as one,hence the

'four stem intenode' instead of the usual two. As i said,i only think this is what's happening.

Perhaps someone has idea on this. It'd be good to know for sure.The other stems on the plant

are only half the diameter of this one.Another pointer toward the it being two in one stem.

Odd. :g: I bet it produces a nice fat cola.


That first pic shows the flattened stem.

These next ones show the stem from two angles to try n' show it's rectangular nature.

The intenode i'm talking about at the top of the shots.



When i saw the flattening of this stem it reminded me i have seen this phenomena before.

Rarely though,so rare that it had gone beyond my immediate recall anyhow. lol.

I've got to give 'Wakey' a look in.


Although she went in the same time as 'Rise',she's more Sativa dom' and is maybe a wk-10 days behind.

Lovely long Sat' colas of which this is the top half of one.

Everything seems cool,including a 60cm cola forming on plant 3 'Billie'.the plant i took the first cut's from. :yahoo:

Canny's A HAPPY GROWER today.

Here n' now though! Let's not get away. lol.


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some nice frosty buds matey,

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'Wakey' didnt get much of a look in yesterday,so here's a couple of her unfettled,

well nearly,a bit of fishing line bondage is all. lol.



I was rearranging the cupboard n' thought I'd get those pics.

I've got to have a look at my dates as i think if i take it from when the seed germ'd,

rather than when they broke the soil,plant two-'Rise' may be nearly done.

Because she's Indica dom' I'm going to take her with mostly clear tric's to preserve the High.

Less stoney.I can see she's going to be strong. I'll try n' explain aroma soon.

'Wakey' seen here,more sat' dom' has another week before i even get the micro' out.

then one more after that will see her at 9.5wks.

Update Sunday.


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Hi 420's

brushed my hand up against 'Wakey',sounds pervy, lol,and Wham!

Jorge's Diamonds (DP) 7.5wks


I did it again.This time I closed my eyes n' inhaled deeply.

If you could blow a weed bubble it would be done with this.

'Hubba Bubba',the round bubblegums you could get.That's it!.

I didn't go for another aromagasm.She's delicate n' doesn't want handling too much

,n' my nose is old n' gets easily confused.

JD's 'Wakey' 7.5wks

Still white n' pure in this pic from a couple of days ago,tonight i saw her first maturing pistils
sunburnt brown,maturing.
10,9 ,8 n' counting

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Nice buds you have got there Cannybuz.

Keep them green.

Have a nice weekend.

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Hi @@blowsterke,thanx for that.They're getting there aren't they.One of the more Indica oriented's coming down tonight. I'm looking forward to a bit of scissor hash after.Growers perks hey. lol. You have a good wk/end too!

Edited by cannybuzz

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