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JORGE'S DIAMONDS/Orange Hill Special/The Edge[A joint venture]

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Hi Tony,ta for looking in.It'll take a while to get going,but should be fun. :)

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Hi,here's a couple of pics to show,firstly a well thumbed copy of Jorge's grow book 'The Bible' with the pack of JD seeds from Dutch Passion that this diary is for. the tub has the 2nd two seeds outta the pack in it.


As i'm doing their seeds,it won't hurt to do it their way.after all,they've got a bit of a track record. lol. In The Bible Jorge describes how to scarify seeds to help with water penetration of the seeds coat,n' how this can help with seeds that are harder to germinate. if it helps seeds that are hard to germ' germinate faster then it'll help seeds that germ' easily,germ' faster still,me thinks! The results speak for themselves.


These two were started at midday yesterday.scarified,soaked n' placed in this tissue. sometime between then n' midday today they'd germinated. again one slightly ahead of the other. I'll put one in a rootriot cube later tonight n' do the other tomorrow when it's sprouted a bit more.

I'll put a pic up when they poke their heads out of their cubes.

There's a lot of us on here. inexperienced n' experienced alike. these types of early diary entries have been seen many times and the knowledge already gained by many of our community. they're aimed more at the newer growers among us to illustrate some of the many ways of doing things. lol.

atb n' happy grows, Canny'. :)

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Hi, i'm not a happy chappy today. had my first failure of this diary.

What's wrong with this pic


Where the feck is the other seedling? Dead in its cube is where!

for some reason the 4th seed having germinated,when transfered to the rootriot cube,didn't make it. not only did that one not make it,i've a feeling the 3rd seed which although through,isn't right either.

So,hows this happened? the juries out on this one.

1.did i break the taproot? -Don't think so.

2.did the seed drown somehow in the cube.- maybe.

3. did the tissue which was enriched with Shea butter somehow affect the seed. Nah'-could it?

The pic that shows the two seeds germ'd is how i then potted them on. i think i should have left the slower of the two,to sprout a bit more before i put it in the rr cube.

i can only conclude that its my fault.that i was too eager.

hopefully that is the case,n' with a lil' more patience,the next two out of the pack will be ok.


this pic shows the 3rd seedling [billie]n' behind it 'Rise' is doing well at 17/18 days. in the previous pic of the three of 'em. 'Wakey' back right is showing some marks on her first two true leaves. this must be something in the Alpha mix as so far they haven't been fed. the roots are however amazing. i'll put a pic up of some good root porn later,as i know how we like to perve at a good root. lol.

Now,where's that seed pack?

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As promised,a shot of the roots.'Wakey's[19days]


just plain water so far. first 0.5ml per ltr grow feed tomorrow,along with rootstim before potting up to 10ltr Airpot.

Happy grows :)

Edited by cannybuzz
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That's the word that for me best sums up that seed fail.

So applied the lesson learnt to the germination n' propagation of the next seed out of the pack.



n' BAM! here she is on the right,'Benita' just beginning her first day along with 'Billie'[yeah,yeah,Bill n' Ben but fems.] lol.

I'm sure the last seed failed because i didn't let it sprout enough once it had germ'd. like i say,for me,stupid. i can't even think when that last happened,n' i really have tried to think about it. Feck! if i'd left it in the tissue a little longer it would've begun to produce its secondary roots that grow from the initial tap root. these,for those who don't know,show after about a cm n' look more like a felt tip pen end than the polished point of the initial root point.[ take note Cannny' :doh:] lol.

I think that because i didn't wait til this happened,the newly sprouted seed could've sat in a droplet of water in a small cavity at the top of the rrc[rootriot cube] which i'd widened to insert the seed before it then enclosed the


That made sense as i wrote it,hope it makes sense to read.

I could've put this seed straight into soil after it cracked but i'll stick with the plan. plus after noticing that the first true leaves on 'Wakey' had some sort of prob',i didn't want to risk putting it into the Alpha mix in case that caused it.

Pic shows newly sprouted seedling in its mini greenhouse,where it'll stay for the next 24hrs.


Now that's sorted i'll move on to what's happening to the first pair.



I've topped them both at the 6th internode.n' will top them again before they go into 12/12.

The 2nd pic shows the indica dominant leaves.

They've had a feed of o.5ml grow n' rootstim. i aim to pot them on next week.

I'd mentioned before that i thought there could be a prob' with the 3rd seed i started,'Billie'. she's so far proved me wrong n' is starting to show her 3rd set of true leaves. apart from the Canny' induced fail,i'm impressed by the vigour of these Jorges Diamonds. i'll start the next two as per the schedule,on sunday.



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One month update.

Hi 420s, 4wks gone already,seems to have gone pretty quickly. apart from the fail with the 4th seed,things have gone ok. today the first plant,'Wakey' got potted on to her 10 ltr pot. topped out,she was 10" but i've buried her roots deep n' she's now 9".

i'll give her a couple of days under the 600 dual spec in 12/12 with an extra 6hrs a day under a 250w red spec cfl 'til she gets to 10-12",then i'll flip her to 12/12,'n the first one's in bloom. :yahoo:

Here's a series of pics to show a seeds progression from germination to end of 4wks veg under the T5.

They show a seedling at days 4,5,6 with a pic of them at 1-4wks.the earlier shot of one in a mini tent is day three from germ'.

2 furthest from the pack next.






JDs 1,2 n' 4 wks

As you can see,the growth from wk 2-4wks is explosive.

This is 'Wakey' potted up this pm under the cfl,she goes in the 12/12 room at 9pm tonight.


Little bit of marking[burning?] to the first set of true leaves but ok so far.

The cat likes to join me for an end of day smoke. she tries to chip in but Mice? umm. lol. lol.


started the next two seeds today.



Edited by cannybuzz
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Hi all,thought i'd bung a pic up of the JDs at 1 day n' 1 month.


when you look at them at 1 n' 2 wks,it's hard to think they'd be ready to go into 12/12 at 4wks,but they are.

'Wakey' at 1 month has had a couple of feeds of grow at .5ml pltr. n' some rootstim. she goes under tonight,

along with 'Rise',4wks since they broke the soil. i'll keep them on grow nutes for the first 2wks. tonight i'll give them

some biosilicon.

The first two into 12/12.

Everything's tickety boo.


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The first two JDs in 12/12.


They join 2 Green Love Potion,3 Afghan Kush n' the Green Love Potion in the following pic.


The AKs n' 1 GLP come out in 2wks n' the space will gradually fill with the Jorge's Diamonds.

Because there are 4 different strains at varying stages in this grow,feeding can be a bit difficult. i'll describe how i mix the feeds tomorrow. i've been hitting the vape tonight n' i'm mashed.lol.

It'll be easier when there are just the JDs to sort out. it's all good fun though.



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The all important feeds.

nutes n' bac stims

ionic nutes

I've used ionics for a while n' find them easy to use but i don't stick to their grow schedule or nute rates
i.e. 7ml per ltr. if you did this you'd pretty quickly f'ck your grow up. at least that's been my experience.
i followed bio bizz's schedule n' nigh on burnt my crop down. that was some way back on the learning curve.
i don't know about you but i've found getting the feeding regime right,one of the hardest things to learn.
take this perpetual sog

perpetual sog

The JDs in the foreground only need grow while the AKs at the back need a bloom feed.
The ones in the middle need somewhere in the middle. :headpain:
i get around it by using 3-4 containers.
i don't give 'em any feed for the first 2-3wks. only .5ml grow if they need it at the end of wk3 along with rootstim.
then for the bloom period:
1. grow,1-2ml for the first two weeks with added rootstim.
2.bloom 2-3ml for weeks 3-7 with added bloom stim n' .25ml per ltr Buddha's tree pk9/18.
3.bloom 3-4ml for weeks 8-10 with .5ml pk 9/18
4.plain water. given if i think they need a rest from feeding.
using 5ltr bottles n' a bucket i mix the feeds,grow or bloom first then pk9/18[only during bloom],then bac stim.
give the bottle a shake or the bucket a stir just before i use them to introduce some air
n' pour it on the plants as needed.
it's working ok. any q's feel free.
the latest seeds are through n' the grow goes on.
atb n' happy grows
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End of week 6.

Two weeks have gone by since the last two germ'd n' they're looking ok as seen in this pic with the two previous seedlings at 3 n' 4 weeks.


The next two outta the pack are soaking. these are seeds 8 n '9 but with the one fail i had,they'll be plants 7 n' 8 of this grow.


Once these are through that'll be it. i'm thinking of leaving the one remaining seed n' keeping this sog to just the eight plants.

This is a pic of plant 3,'Billie' at 4 wks


Not a very good pic,what it shows though is how compact she is when compared to the first two which are already in 12/12 n' have stretched like you wouldn't believe. i'll get a pic of them lights on tonight. i think she may be a different phenotype.

The temps dropped in my T5 cupboard by 3-4c a week ago before i put a heat mat in there. i don't think this alone is the reason for the difference.

The seedling after this one is more like the the first two. If 'Billie' is a stockier plant she'll be more suited to my grow. I'll be taking cuttings from her before i put her into 12/12 in the next few days. :)

These two smaller pics show her side stem growth n' yellowing of the first true leaves,showing she's ready for a feed.

Jorge's Diamonds 4wks

Ready for first feed

So,that's plant which of what is doing what when :headpain:I hope you're keeping up with this. lol.

We're six plants into an eight plant perpetual sog with the last two germ'ing. Two have already gone into 12/12,leaving four in veg.

The first two have been in 12/12 for 2wks n' have only had grow nutes n' root stim. in that time they've stretched to twice or more than their initial 12/12 height. the stretch seems to have slowed now thankfully. i know that colder air has been getting into the 12/12 cupboard over the last 2wks,n' i would've put it down to this if i hadn't seen a review by @Autopoter on the Dutch Passion website that shows a pic of a JD that looks to have done the same.Stretchy looking.

If this 3rd plant keeps this compact structure after 2wks in 12/12 then we'll have two different pheno's showing at least. it'll then be a case of finding which one has the traits i'm looking for in taste n' high.

Don't be shy say hi!

happy grows


Edited by cannybuzz
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As promised,pics of the stretch.

First,this shot of the two. 'Wakey's on the right.'Rise' to the left.

They were both topped 2--3 days before going into 12/12. at that point the two growing tops were aprox 3-4"

n' in the first two wks of 12/12 were fed only grow nute n' root stim. as you can see Wakey has tripled in height,

while Rise has more than doubled. ooer missus. Temps are 28-29c on n' 21-22c off. i've put a thermometer at root

level n' that reads 20c.


I'm gonna have to supercrop 'Wakey' n' apply canes to both. not ideal but manageble. now the stretch has stopped

I'll be taking some of the spindlier bottom stems off.

'Rise' seen here will be easier to handle.


Any others that look to be like this I'll be flipping earlier,maybe end of week 3.

The roots on these two have shot straight through the 10ltr pots in their first 2wks in 12/12.

I think this could be down to the GT Alpha mix soil.The first rootballs from cropped plants

in this medium have been solid with roots. I'll put a pic of them up next time.

'til then, take care,stay stoned n' when the opportunity arises, stick it to the man!


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Hi 420s.

A quick catch up


That's a shot of a supercropped 'Wakey'.

Here's another.


In both pics,to each side,you can see the two main tops. they were supercropped last night when i decided

she'd grown a little too high. 'Rise' the 2nd plant that went in with her is a little shorter,so i've left her for now.

As you can see the tops have bent back up to the light already.a good sign. Because of space i had to reverse supercrop this

plant. By that i mean,usually i'd bend the stem i'm supercropping outwards in the direction the branches leaning. this however,doubles the width of the growing top. Bending the supercrop back the other way,into the center plant,keeps the plant top leaner but it means that the stem is bent back on its self. i've found that the stem finds this harder to deal with. A slight lengthwise split is easily tied with a bag tie[see center of 2nd pic] n' can be loosened off in a few days with no harm done.

This is two pics showing lights off temps n' 'Billie' 3rd plant ready to go into 12/12 tonight.

Lights off temp.

Jorge's diamonds.

The next three of the sog are fine. the two seeds that i started last may have thrown up my first true germ'ing fail. one is through n' in it's rr cube n' pot doing nicely. the other seed so far hasn't shown any sign of life n' is still,after 5days,in tissue. i think it's a non starter. Why? Don't know. it had the same regime as the others.
Is it possible to drown a seed in a matter of hours? i wouldn't have thought so. The reason i ask is; I scarify my seeds in a matchbox lined with sandpaper before placing in a glass of water 'til they sink. this usually takes only a few hrs. Scarifying seeds is normally done to encourage a thicker coated seed to germinate. my reasoning has been that therefore it would help a thinner shelled seed to germ' still faster. This time round i noticed that the first seed of two,sunk within an hr or so. i left it in the glass at the bottom until the 2nd seed sunk aprox two hrs later. The seeds are really fresh. What if,when i scarified them,i knocked a hole in the shell n' in the time it stayed in the water it drowned :( . This can't be. can it?? There's no other explanation i can think of. It's been germ'ing for 5 days now,so it'll be slow anyway. That makes it 7 out of 9 started,with one more seed to go of the 10.
Here's a couple of pics of tops off an Afghan Kush i've just cropped to show the sort of finish i'l be aiming for with these JDs.
As can be seen,they're tric'y as you like. Will the 'Diamonds' be sparklier?
Watch this space. lol. lol.
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Looking great cannybuzz well healthy, will be keeping a close watch on this one as I fancy trying the JD's in the next few months, cheers...

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Hi all, an update on plants 5 n' 6

or carrying on their naming in pairs;

Serena n' Venus.





That's them at 1mth,healthy looking,but tall,too tall.



What the F'ck! lol.

Some will see the method in my madness,some others may not. An explanation is called for,n' that's what this diary's about.

See the four lil' sidestems left on each. When i spotted them n' the stretch there was 'til the next internodes i could see the benefits of this radical topping. From now i'll be able to manipulate the plants to however i want them.



The plan is to only let them get to 8" or so before i put them into 12/12. These have been the lankiest so far n' i reckon they're still gonna be tall n' will need supercropping at some stage. I could nip 'em out again to make 8 stems but my grow's too narrow for that.

The 7th of 10 is through n' in the seedling stage n' there's one more seed to germ' tomorrow.

All the plants that have gone into 12/12 are ok n' I'll update again soon. I hope what i'm doing with these JDs will prove helpful to someone. pitfalls,mistakes n' all.

The first 2 in; 'Wakey' n' 'Rise' are almost 4wks into 12/12 already.Everything seems to be on track.

Take care all. Enjoy your grows.


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Hi 420's

Germination stage complete.

Jorge's Diamonds 8th of 8

Seedling 8,'Merry',popped her head out yesterday,Xmas Day,hence the name.

That completes the germ'ing stage. The first two seeds were started on 27th Oct'.

Stat's so far are: Germination 9-10.

Propogation 8-9


I'm happy enough with that. I think it would've been 10/10 if ,a: I didn't allow the seed that failed to germ' to sit at the bottom of the glass of water for a couple of hrs while it waited for the 2nd seed to sink.(did it drown in that time 'cause the shell was pierced when i scarified them?),unlikely,but i can't fathom what's happened. n' b: The 2nd seed to fail had germ'd but maybe not enough,n' when i put it into its rr cube it somehow rotted. Both senarios could n' should've been avoided n' therefore come down to growers errors. So,well done Dutch Passsion,not so well done Canny'. lol.

What've i learnt from this?

Firstly,i think the rr cubes were in this case unnecessary.they just added an extra stage. i should've got some organic seedling compost. n' once germ'd in tissue,put them straight into that. I think the gt alpha mix may have been too strong for the freshly germ'd seeds n' would've burnt them.


..Seedling n' veg stage..

One of 4 outta 4 cuts rooted cuts' taken from 'Billie:

1st Jorge's Diamond Cut'

They rooted really easily!

N' with that the first major moves of the grow have been made:seeds germ'd n' 1st cuts taken.

to be fair,it's been a breeze. Keep a good record of what you're doing is all!

The cuts were taken from plant 3,'Billie'. @@dutch Tony mate. could you let me know if i'm right or wrong in thinking that one of the different phenos,is a distinctly shorter one? They're all going great. the 1st 2 already 4 n' a half wks into 12/12 n' looking fine. I'll re veg any other ones that show the traits I'm looking for.

Further,always further.

lol. lol.


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