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1st time set up

Hi guy's

I've been on this site for a while now, but this is my first question.


I have a secret jardin dr90ii

80cm parabolic shade 400w hps bulb

2 small fans

1 humidifier

3 plants

5" ruck rvk l1 fan and 5" phat filter (made a whole in ceiling to duct into attic, for extraction)

Passive intake

I am using a box back bedroom for tent. next to the bedroom is a neighbours bedroom, in there house. Next doors bedroom starts about 5 m back from where the tent is and walls are solid brick not plasterboard shite !

Will my fan noise, go through too there bedroom, do you think ? also is the whole in ceiling ok for ducting method (eye in sky) ?

I can take a picture when I get home, but im in work at the moment :(



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Hi Grinderman

If you are concerned about the fan noise you can easily sound proof the fan (search on this forum) however if you are separated by a brick wall, you should be ok.

My fan is mounted in the attic and can be heard from the bedroom directly beneath but not from any of the other upstairs rooms.

With a 400w setup you will have nothing to worry about regarding heat signature and can safely exhaust into the whole attic space.

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get a decent fan controller for your fan, the cheapest i'd recommend is a xplair WAC1, they cost less than £30 & are ideal for 1 5" fan.

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hang your fan and filter using bungee cord, rubber rings that are used for exhaust systems

on cars are very good, takes all the vibration out.

i would be tempted to fit a silencer to the out take of your extractor as that can be

quite noisy, its not necessarily the fan itself but the air movement that causes it.

if you want details of my DIY silencer, give us a pm.

the fan can be made quieter by putting it in a box with expanding foam, try google on

that one cos i've seen a vid about it somewhere.

noise is an issue for me as well, so i invested in a ksa acoustic fan with the silencer

and that works pretty well

good luck and stay safe


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Wac1 gets the thumbs up from me too,

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Hi Grinder,mate i have a 6" ruck or whatever there called these days,I have seriously nosey fkers next door and this made me well para about the din,ok so for reasons that i dont have time for now i ended up with my tent in my bedroom,acustic ducting from filter to fan that is just sat on a chair,then ducting blowing through an open window,right mate i sleep in the same room,now i`m not sayin that i cant hear it,but i manage to sleep through it,and i`m a light sleeper...There is no soundproofing on fan,,,,now not for 1 minuite am i advocating no soundproofing measures but just wanna dispell your fears that they will hear the fan through the walls ,mate it wint happen,however use a "leppy type " box and acustic ducting and you will be better than fine..

hope this helps

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