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Best soil to use with advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom

Name says it all really, what's the best soil to use in conjunction with advanced nutrients ?

I was looking at canna pro soil or something along them lines? Was about 15 pound for a bag.

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iv been using gold label, its a tad warm for small plants, they get over that soon enough though, loads better than allmix or pm in bloom!(imo of course!)

eta...SORRY! didnt see organic! :doh:


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Mate told me about that nutrients last night ,said he had stunning results so far , he was using some bud x factor and sensi grow,bloom in compost. Can anyone confirm that its worth the money?

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I've used it for 2 years

Sensi grow a+b

Sensi bloom a+b

Bud blood

Big bud




That's what I use

All advanced products except I use a bit of canna rhizoctonic sometimes

It's good, good results and cheap.

Anyways, about my soil, what's best soil to buy here in the uk?

I used to use kilo mix but can't get hold of it anymore :(

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I hope this helps but be careful that there isnt too much fert for the plants. I have used All-mix, Canna and others and find that the light-mix is the best for me because I can have full control over the growing process.

I recently used some Atami Kilomix accidentally with some little beans and they were crucified after their feeble attempts to reach for the sky. Ah well, we live and learn.

The Bio-Bizz light mix is also about £15/16 on eBay or at the local hydro shop.



PS - kilomix all day long at eBAy x

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