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12 x Dutch Passion AutoXtreme, 2400w Scrog

Taviddude is an american legal medical grower who uses a recipe of SCROG, Dutch Passion Auto’s and extreme light intensities to produce some astonishing yields and buds. Check out his 2 previous grows, both with Think Different, both insane



On this grow Tavid has opted to grow 12 AutoXtreme seeds under 4 x 600w HPS. He started 14 seeds and has 13 seedlings that have sprouted, from which he will finish 12. If all goes well this will be HUGE and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him hit a gram-per-watt. Here are the details, either I or Tavid himself will be bringing you regular updates. The details of the grow are below



4- 600 Watt HID lights with air cooled reflectors.

MH for first month/HPS after that.

4x8 Grow Tent.

12 site DIY hydroponic setup with 55 Gallon Reservoir.

12000 BTU portable AC inside the tent.

1/4 HP chiller to keep reservoir temps down.


GH FloraNova Bloom from start to finish.


GH Floraliscious Plus from start to finish. 1ml per gallon.

GH Liquid KoolBloom during the last 4-6 weeks at 2ml's per gallon.


In a 2 liter bottle I add:

1 scoop of Plant Success - Mycogrow Soluble.

5ml Floraliscious Plus.

1-2 tablespoons of un-sulphured molasses.

1 liter of water.

I shake the heck out of it until ALL the molasses is dissolved.

I then add that to a 5 gallon bucket and add water until about 2-3 inches from the top of the bucket.

I put an air stone inside the bucket powered by an aquarium pump to keep it


I let it "brew" for 48 hours, and then put it into the system once a week.

This is to keep any root issues away, and create a HUGE healthy rootmass.

No need for root stimulator.

I don't use Earth Worm Castings in my tea because it CAN CONTAIN fungus gnats, and winged root aphids.

Ask Me how I know...

I've noticed no difference in the smell, color, consistency, or effectiveness of my tea without the Earth Worm Castings. You decide how you want to do it.

That's pretty much it. You don't have to run the beneficial microbes, but it's a win win.




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one word ..... epic


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Tavid has not been able to run as many updates on this grow, but here we are at day 65 and all looks good. Tavid makes the following comments

"Auto Extreme has flowered WAY FASTER than Think Different.
The plants aren't as big, and don't fill the screen like TD does but they flower fast, and the cola's are great size. No fluffy bud.
Love the plant. I'm at day 65 since all the sprouts have shed their seed casings and I could harvest today if I wanted.
I don't think they have more than 2 weeks MAX left before I run them into the ground. Most pistles are brown, but there are a few buds I'm waiting out.

If you like a 65-70 day plant that will produce Auto X is definitely it so long as you give it enough light.

Personally I like the extra veg time that TD put's in that allows 12 plants to perfectly fill my 4x8 screen but the turn around time on Auto X is amazing.



i reckon he must have harvested this crop by now, I will update you all when I have a bit more from him

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