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mad world

jimmy's storey

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Hello everyone, Let me tell you a storey...

I have posted on this site a few times regarding hemp oil and cancer, so to localise our storey on my dads fight with lung cancer i will post all relevant infomatoin on this page from now on, just so you know whats happening,and maybe it could help you.

So here goe's..

Jimmy (my dad) was told he had non small cell carcinoma in the left lung,which has spread out of his lung and now you can see the tumor on his back.

The docs have told him its inoperable, and the "hub" of the cancer is at stage 4,and the rest is stage 2 and 1.

He went to the docs on the 30th may to get his prognosis, but due to double booking he never got to see the main fella, he seen the guy below him who told him the news, he has to go back in a few days to see the main man, and see what lies ahead.

Now, ive told jimmy all about hemp oil and what it can do,and he agreed to give it ago.

He has seen the effects of chemo with other family members,and has said the oil is the way forward for him.(great).

So with the help from my friend "holly" who is on this site got together and made a batch of oil from 2 oz of bud from pineapple kush, we got 6 ml from 2 oz from our first attempt.all followed from Jiffas post...top fella!

This was over a week or so ago,and since then jimmy has beem taking the oil each night, we have just moved him onto morning and night as the research we did says to do.

Before he was taking the oil his voice went down to a whisper,which is part of having lung cancer, and he developed a lump on his back(which is the tumor spreading).

But since we started him on the oil,his voice is getting stronger, the lump seems to be smaller...so all positive results up till now.

He has to go back to see what the NHS can offer him regarding chemo,radiation treatment,which he dont wanna do.

Like i say, since the oil he has shown an inprovment in his health,which is all good.

I have to say a bid thanks to DANZIG and JIFFA,on here for helping me with what knowledge i need to know.

And all the other "good souls" who have posted and helped.

I have been intouch with Bud buddies and jeff, and hopfully things will come together

All your replys will be answered and i will post on this every other day,so everyone can see the truth.

Thanks guys, i feel as if ive just bumped into a long lost band of brothers!

PEACE. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

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I'm sorry to hear your fathers situation. The good part about the treatment is you should see results fairly quick. I hope for your fathers and your families sake it works as well for him as it did others on this site.

. Start slow, Stay strong and work hard at it.

Wishing the very best!


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:lucky: Pos' vibes and strength going out to Jimmy, beat it up :boxing::banned: it from the body, it's not paid it's rent.

Will you be rubbing/using any oil on the exposed lump on the back? or as it's going down just proceed in orally taken oil.?

ATB Strength to you too dude. :bong:

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Hi guys, Sorry for not keeping upto date with you all, but its been a difficult time,

The times gotta be right for me to write this,and over the last few month its not.

But the last week or so has brought me back up, with the progress from my dad,Jimmy, has made.

First off, jimmys doing GREAT, He has put on weight (1kg) eating well, going for a shite,been his old self.

Its not been easy for him, only 6 week ago he was telling me about his funeral,and telling me how to get his shit in order.....i told him to shut up and stop talkin bollox..as you do (positive attatude..key)

He went through a spell were the thought of him eating made him sick, the doctor gave him some energy drinks(all full of shite) which i made him drink to get somthink in him.

After a week or so he started to come round to eating, which he did,slowly.

The thing is with cancer and you have been told you have a few months to live,its not only a phisical thing to deal with,but a mental thing too.

And from my experience with jimmy, its a 50/50 thing..more so on the mental if anything.

To be told you have a few months to live, and someone turns up with a bit of oil,and you tell them that it will make them better is a massive overload to anybodys being.

Carnt stress enuff about the mental battle within his mind, at first when he started the oil it was alien to him(never smoked a joint in his life,hes 68....must of been a square,or not letting on). So he was stoned.which he enjoyed,because it took him away from the reality of whats going on.

He was abit "off his tits" when he got up in the middle of the night...you know the felling when youve had a good sesh..for a piss, but he got thriugh it.

As he was takin it before bed you can understand.

Anyway he got used to it,and now there is ni effect,even tho hes on a gram per day.

So just to let you know if anyone is thinking about doing the oil..i have first hand experience with this so if anybody want any info let me know!

Hes had 52 grams to date, and we have more for him which he is going to have.I know the RSO method says that 55/60g is enuff to cure most cancer, but i am still giving him a gram a day..till the times right.

I have a perpetual gardin going on now,so wayyheyyyy, hes going to be fine.

And to everyone reading this, may it be good old stoners,or somebody who want to make there mum well...


maybe a bit too much that last shout...(oil, these days :)).

FTW narr, hang the government!

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Right guys, just an update..jimmys doing well,been out the other day(first time in 2 an half month),not bad going considering the docs said he would be brown bread now!.

He is going to see a oncologist this thursday 5th sept,to see whats going on.

If its right i am going to say that he is taking cannabis oil....only if the guy is the right sort, gota wait and see.

His doctor who calls every two week has requested this appointment, because jimmy isnt ticking the boxes of a dying man, the doc has prescribbed all sorts of shite to hime over the last few months,which jimmy stuck in the back of the drawer,cause he dont need them.

his blood pressure,blood satuaton,water works....all bob on! so he dont take em, great!

he is eating like he used to do,sleeping well and doing the do.

He has the tumor growing out of his back, its a visable lump, which has gone red and purple and now(over the last few weeks) has started to develop blisters which will lead to breaking of the skin...danzig told me that its known for the body to expel tumors from the body,and for them to "break free" from the body..and to tell the truth,thats what it looks like in this case..

He is of sound mind and looking realy good,given the situation.

Sound mind...well i dont know so much..he is very stoned and going on and on about old times, but thats better than him talking about death and all that.

So guy i will let you know after his visit to the hozi on thursday.

If i was given the cancer curse, the first thing i would do is take the oil, thats how convinced of this treatment i am.

peace and love guys.


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not trying to be sick but pictures would be cool if it would help others through the same illness. Kind of interesting to hear a tumor being expelled. Does he you apply oil topically to it as well by chance?

Thanks for the update.

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Will try to get some pics up on this for you too see.

He is putting the oil on a little bit of bread each time he has it 3 times a day, which gives a total of just under 1 ml,which is a gram.

I was using the oil topically too,warming the oil with a lighter and spreading it on his lump, you have to warm it as its really thick and hard to move around unless its warm.

Then putting a large plaster over it, but put a bit of grease proof paper over the cotton wool patch,so not to absorb the oil into the dressing,so it had no choice but to go into the skin..left it on for a few days, clean it off and reapply a new dressing.

I have left the patch off for a few week now since he had this appointment on the 5th..so the doc can see whats going on, i dont want to "mask" the look of the tumor,so he can see.

His body is saturated with the oil,so he has plenty in him..

Seen him last night sat sat at the computer desk with his feet up,cup of tea in his hand...playing bingo!.

Not seen him do that for 3 month.

Cheers guys, wiil kkep you posted.

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Bingo eh :) Nice!

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Hi all, Hope your all well,

Well he seen the radiologist on Thursday, he had a look at his lump and said yep, i can treat that..i recommend that he has it!!..only about 28 years of age this guy.

But we don't want any radiation, as you all know.

He showed us the scan images from 3 month ago, and he has 2 tumors, 1 in the lung (small one) and one next to his spine which is 3 times the size of the one in his lung.

They are not connected to each other, as I thought they would be. We never said we don't want radio to him,we said yes(which we are not going to do).

So he said the first thing we will do is to have him scanned again, to see whats changed inside him.

He will be going for a scan in the next week or so. So with a bit of luck, the scan will come back with the tumors shrunk (hope so).

The doc said he can opt out of the treatment at any time, so we will have the scan and see.

His tumor on his back has started to break the skin and is all blistered and scabbed over.

I have been putting the oil on his back and putting a plaster over it for weeks,but stopped to see if its breaking free from his body..i don't want to heal the skin with the oil,if the oil inside him is doing its thing, and breaking the skin, to allow the fucker to pop out, you know what I mean.

So no more oil on the back..(if anybody can advise otherwise let me know.)

He has been on a bit of a downer sine the visit to the hozi, but besides that, hes doing good.

I will try and upload a few pics for you all to see, and if you have any advice guys it would be appreciated.

How do you upload pics guys, I have a few, but don't know how..my heads mashed.


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Oh, any body know anything about Black salve, Its a drawing paste to help the tumor break free from the body, seen a few vids about it.

All info helps.

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Sorry for the late update,

Sorry to say my dad passed away on the 14th of September, he was fine and doing well (so we thought)..he had about 70 mgs of oil through it all,

all the meds the doctor gave him he never took, cause he didn't need them, his blood pressure tablets and his water tablets was not needed, he didn't take any of his medication prescribed by his doctor, and he was fine, since he started the oil.

It seems the oil balanced him out, and he was good.

He never had to call the doctor, the doctor came out every 2 week to check him out, feeling his an ankles and neck (lump nodes) ect..and jmmy had no pain what so ever, he was feeling good (well I say that, but he never complained .apart from the mental battle,when you have been told you have two months to live). and I believe it to be true, cause my dad never talked bull shit, top fella..

He did lose weight, and his appertite did go to nothing, but we made sure he was getting somethink,.....I think when your body knows its time to go, it subconsciously starts to close things down.

When you get told you have cancer it totally transforms your life, it puts things in prospective. and you realise all this rat race shit is bollocks....sorry going on...

Jimmhy felt u unwell o n the 13th sept,so my mum called an ambulanc, he was throwing up blood, he went in hozi.

He went to hospital and seen a registrar, and I mentioned the endocannibinoid system within the human body.......she looked at me blankley he looked at me balankly...which goes to show the system is all bollocmksz....im \a bit pissed..ill gbet back tyo yo ...love and light

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So sorry to read of your loss mad world :yinyang:

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Yes mate very sorry to read this.

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My condolences - so sorry to hear about your loss.

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Sorry to hear this dude, all the best to you and the family.

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