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What Ive Been Growing

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beautiful as usual .

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@Owderb - Nice to see some of your growing again mate lovely as always :)


That Amnesia does look rather lovely the thick pistils remind me of the Amnesia core/moppel cut i was only saying to a friend last week i need to get that back in rotation and bonsai`d !


Stardawg im not a massive fan of...well the manny cut anyway, i think the illuminati one is better i havent grown either though. 


Nice one mate thanks for sharing :yinyang:



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nice looking buds there owd. good to see some of your fruits your growing out at the min. :smokin:healthy green plants at that stage of flower is what we want as you say mate. tho i normally get yellowing at week 7 lol ive ditched the p/m ot1 bloom now, its just not the same. :wallbash:

with the old stuff i used to have green girls rite till the end. im using fish mix now and bio bizz bloom. :hippy:


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On 16/06/2018 at 10:09 PM, Owderb said:

Heres a lovely Amnesia clone Ive been growing around a year now. she's at 6 weeks




Heres the full plant with a couple of Stardog cola's sneaking in




And here's a Stardog(Manny cut) cola also at 6 weeks




And for all those that say yellow leaves are normal at this stage and its the plant naturally dying. Sorry but lol



I Don't know, looks like the humidity is a little low..... 


I'll get me coat... 

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Already covered mate. Do keep up lol


On 26/06/2018 at 7:37 PM, Owderb said:

Its no good worrying and whittling about temps when its this type of weather. Talk of 8" fans for a 1.2 tent is ludicrous. Way over the top. My canopy temps for the last few days have been 36-37 degrees with 31 at pot level and my plants look fine. A bit of canoeing going on buts thats about it


If you are not exhausting all the air out of the window then its never going to be perfect because you are heating the room the tents in because of recycled air. Temps in my  bedroom with windows open and curtains closed is 25 degrees so when pulling 25 degrees in you are going to get high temps but plants will still grow well if they have plenty of water and plenty of fresh air. I exhaust into my loft and pull air from the other side of the loft but I'm still pulling air in thats 25degrees plus


Get your lights high and plenty of fresh air and thats about all you can do unless you go into an expensive air con system thats just not worth it for the odd week or two of summer in this country 





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Today I've swapped out a cheap 4" fan for a 6". Not because the 4" couldn't cope with this heat, and2x 315w in a 1.4m² tent but because the bargain fan with built in controller is now, at 6 months old, is now as noisy as feck. 

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Its a repeat because I'm still growing the same clones but heres my Stardog and Amnesia at 46 days. 


One thing I have noticed with the Stardog is that it canoe's no matter what the humidity. Its a bit like Ugorg Cookie which does the same


First the Stardog




Here is an Amnesia bud



And a Stardog cola




And here's the Amnesia gang



Thanks for looking :)


Fed on Growers Ark A+B coco feed that has never been above 1.4ec made up with extra traces. No boost or anything else except root stim up to 2 weeks into flower and thats it :)



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only just found this thread,

great growing as usual owd  :guitar:

and im definatley nicking that 'intake to canopy level' idea so it doesnt cool the roots....simple but perfect   :yes:


great stuff mate



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