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Happy Hippy

Serious 6 test

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Loved smoking last years serious6, was a sad day when the jars ran out....


Harvest time rolls round again though. Majority of my plants are done in the same window as last year. Staked them a little better this time around ;)

They like a bit of LST - Probably my plant of the season above :)

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@@Blunt_Wit Nice reports and pictures buddy what latitude you at? Fancy trying these next year :)

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Hi Guys

ive seen some nice comments regarding what happened to me..thanks a lot everyone it means a lot..

Regarding the s6,i was really trying hard to mistreat her and make her hermy and it just never happened,the last time i saw her she was hanging to dry in my loft and cos i was doing it all proper for a test diary i never even sneaked a sample doh..the smell was fantastic and for me nothing like cheese which is a bonus,she had beautiful pink pistils and fair size buds with lots of sparkly resin..

That was my last grow till now and im sorry to Serious for the outcome,i too would have loved to finish this diary with a smoke report and final thoughts...fkin country and its stupid laws.

@Blunt-wit...really nice grow man and she looks so pretty in pink...congrats dude enjoy your smoke

Take care guys


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Sorry to hear about your shit with grasses. Sorry i thought this was s6 thread and was reading it backwards and posted before i read it all.

Yer she's ace I bought a load just like i said i would Claude, been singing her praises is some good OD smoke.

Will chuck some nug pictures up at christmas.


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What people verdicts on phenos. I had 2 pink and 2 normal pistil but these were still different but similar phenos. So basically 4 phenos.. One pink was not so good but other lovely and both white pistil ones were lovely one amnesia lemon sort of thing. All good yield.

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There seems to be a bit of variation in finish times, plus the colour of pistills.      Not sure if there is much difference in the smoke between phenos?      Hard to keep track of it, some nice buds though ;)


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nice grow, it was interesting following your progress.


Last time i tried to grow outside... it went bad, i came back and it had been munched up! I might I've your tips a try next time the season comes around tho

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I haven't noticed any difference in the smoke properties between phenos . Pinkand green phenos expressed themselves in growth. The pink seemed better to me in terms of density but not much in it . Some of the best bugs I've taken from outdoors . Hard nugs coming in rot free. Very good. I like the mild upp high from this cultivar.  It tastes good too. Not an evening smoke. But a good energetic dayer


Some lovely looking buds above guys. Nice work 

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In case it's not already in this thread...here is the story of Serious 6. We love this plant and are growing double the amount of plants as last year...


The story of Serious 6


Serious 6 is the first new strain developed by Simon, the breeder and owner of Serious Seeds, in the last 10 years. This strain was developed from mixing genetics from Canada with Sativa-landraces from Africa through a time consuming process of selection and cross-breeding. The goal of this long selection process was to create an early-finishing Sativa type of plant which is very mold-resistant and will finish outdoors in the humid and cold Dutch climate at the end of September. In Holland this is an important date because after that time strong rains and winds start which will cause bud-rot in most varieties. With this plant we think we have reached that goal; in Holland the majority of the plants can be harvested at the end of September. Outdoors, in Spain, this will be much earlier and we estimate that most plants will be ready to harvest by the 15th of September or maybe even earlier!


We introduced Serious 6 for the first time at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in November 2009 and she was greeted with much respect and love from the cannabis community; everybody wanted to get their hands on the seeds of this new strain.

We planned on releasing the seeds after that Cannabis Cup but the final indoor test for the variety was not good enough for Simon. He let a batch of indoor-plants flower for much longer than recommended (more than 3 weeks longer) and two of those plants showed one or two single male-bananas. This is a natural reaction of a sinsemilla plant at the end of her life-cycle when she feels threatened that she will die without producing seeds; although most cannabis plants will do this, because its a survival mechanism which has proven to be successful during the evolution of the cannabis plant, Simon said he will not release a plant that shows even the slightest hermaphroditic traits.

So we had to go back to the beginning and started to select for a different parent combination again.


Outdoor plants can only be tested once every year; during the summer season. Every summer for the last couple of years we have tested new parent combinations of the Serious 6, and therefore it took us so many years to create the plant that Simon desired.

Finally, after great results this summer, we feel this unique strain is ready to be released.

Outdoors she grows tall and slender like a true Sativa, with one main stem with side buds, not the christmastree-shaped plants which is more Indica-like. Despite the dutch outdoor climate the buds will grow few small leaves and build a particularly thick layer of crystals compared to other outdoor plants. Approximately half of the plants will show strikingly beautiful pink pistils, which can be seen in the photos next to this text. The pink pistils are only noticeable on the living plant as once the flowers ripen the pink hairs will turn to a normal brownish colour. At the end of the flowering cycle these pink colors are substituted by purple colors of the calyxes and leaves.


The Serious 6 is a very beautiful plant to have in the garden which is certainly one of the positive charecteristics for growers. We have noticed how much visitors loved the Serious 6 test plants from the looks alone, making remarks like, “Hey man, I want to grow this awesome plant in my garden!”

The Serious 6 is an almost pure Sativa with a short flowering time (about 8 weeks indoors) which gives also quick results indoors. Indoors she will fill up and produce dense long buds glistening with trichomes, spreading a very aromatic fragrance. The aroma of Serious 6 is a new combination of odours which cannot be compared to other cannabis varieties. She has a smell and taste that is different and new, and seems to be built up in layers; citric, anise and spicy are only a few of the recognizable aromas.


Her effect is a cristal clear head-high, once you smoke her you will get creative and active and you will want to do something creative like painting, writing or playing some music. The Serious 6 is not as strong as the other varieties in the Serious menu because we had to sacrifice strength for earlyness and mold resistence. People in Spain are lucky enough to be able to grow seeds of strong plants like AK-47, Bubble Gum, Chronic, White Russian or even Kali Mist outdoors, because in this climate they will finish without getting bud-rot. Growing the Serious 6 outside next to them, may have the advantage that the Serious 6 is ready to smoke while you wait for the other plants to finish flowering.

All in all this plant is perfectly suited for outdoor growers in a wide range of climates or for indoor growers who like a quick-finishing sativa. Serious 6 offers a very nice alternative to the wave of hard-hitting, couchlock Kush-strains that dominate the market today.

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