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strange fish

Da Kube

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To hear you say that sure makes me smile :

they do the job spot on for me , if your careful what temperature you heat your herb too ,

and you put your vaporiser in its tin maybe put that inside an air tight container .

you can control the odour really really well .

and if your with mates who smoke spliffs around at theres so odours not a prob there 2000 % brill for me ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Cause I get to get wrecked with my m8's .

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Hi hello to all.

When I started this topic is was all about my little portable vaporiser ( which I still have and still use )

There is no temperature control so you have to control it manually, and with experience you can get nicely mashed .

My misses doesn't smoke weed and can't stand the smell .

As I've already stated I can use my Budha ( which has temp control ) or my kube , put the fan on open a window put the vaporisers back in their airtight containers .

My good lady can go in the room within 5 mins of me finishing ( and has on many occasions ).



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Hey fish ive been looking at da kube for the price and size. Is your we box stip going strong? Plue how long do the batteries last , cheers bud

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Well I' m still using my Kube

I only use it a few times a month ( if I'm out ) at home I use Da Budha .

1 batteries completely shot and you can only get two bowls from the remaining 1

But I have to say

Well impressed

It's looking a bit shabby now and I've had it a few yrs ( had my money's worth ) so I thought I'd get something new , I ordered and purchased a G pen .

I thought it looked great and Snoop Dog was selling them , I thought he's no light weight .

I tried it a couple of times then went back to the Da Kube .

Peace & Love People : )

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Hi guys .

its been along time now since I wrote my review on my Da Kube vape .

I finally had to say goodbye to this brill little vape .

it still worked fine , but I've now moved to Spain and didn't want to take it over the border

it had become rather dirty as I never cleaned it.

I was unable to find anybody selling them, so I purchased a 

Magic Flight box , brand new and clean put it in my case and moved .


Again I have to say as a portable vape they are great value .

To get the full benefit of a vape however I recommend a table top vape also .

when in the uk I had Da Budha ( excellent ).


Happy vaping .....

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Bon voyage fish.

Happy vaping.


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