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strange fish

Da Kube

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Ok high hello ,

Well todays the day that strange fish got his first portable vaporiser .

So a cheers to inertia for turning me on to DA KUBE , the magic launch copy .....

My main vape is DA BUDHA which i have to say is totaly excellant , but a bit of a pain ( only a bit ) when it comes to

taking it out to visit friends ....

Hence the early chrimbo pressy . :yahoo:

It,s on charge at the mo i,ll let you know how i go . :smokin:

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So high hello again .

Well i took the KUBE for a test flight on thursday .

I had the battery,s on charge for some 20 hours waiting for the L.E.D. charge indicators to change from red to green

( it didn,t happen ) :wallbash:

After checking out the flight box on chew ube i found that the early models had a 16 hour charge time , and all though

i dont know for sure this could be the case with DA KUBE ........

When i metered the batteries i got a 1.41 volts reading .

So it was time to take the KUBE on a test flight .................

Grind the weed ( cream caramel auto ) drop it in the bowl close the lid hold the battery in count to 5 inhale ....

Bingo bongo lots of flavour just a wisp of vape ,

Then it was basically repeat the process with slight changes to how long i held the baterry in , for another 4/5 times

until the bowl was done .

I got about two half decent clouds of vape out of the 4 /5 hits i had , the rest was mainly taste .

The battery was furkin well hot when i took out ..... :unsure: .....

From grinding to closeing the lid on my A.B.V. pot took roughly 3 / 4 minutes .

As your all aware all vapes are slightly diff and take a bit of trial and error

my A.B.V. came out dark brown with a few burnt looking clumps .

However there was , no odour ,

I repeat no odour left in the room , which is a major point in my opion. :wink:

There,s always the chance that the KUBE itself will become a bit smelly with more use , but hopefully a bit of t.l.c.

and cleaning will sort that out .

I was well mashed .

Within 3 / 4 minutes the whole thing was set up put away and i was very nicely wasted .

Seems the KUBE ( for it,s cost ) could be the perfect little stealth ,portable vaporising device .

It also proved to me you dont need big clouds of vape , and wanting clouds of vape is a psychological effect that i

have hung onto from yrs & yrs of spliffing and smokeing cigs .

Thanks for reading my effort of a review.

I give DA KUBE a big YES VOTE

All the best .

Strange fish .

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Hi everybody ,

Hello to all out there in 4.20 Land .....

It,s been a while since i wrote the initial post but after adding a very late reply to some guy called Eisiems ? post

Re just tried magic flight box and feel sick ..

I thought i should also add my pearls of wisdom on here ... :guitar:

I read Eisiems post some time back when it was first posted and just laughed at it ,and thought man up ....

Thankfully most 4.20 members were more understanding and helpful with advise to him ...

Having read his posts and the thread again today it occured to me that with regards to the

Magic flight or the Kube i may be able to offer a little bit of advise that will make your vapeing exsperiance more pleasurable ....

And this advise quite simply is to for want of a better word to cure your Flight Box Da Kube ( Pipe )

Have two or three dry runs get the element good an hot without weed or any inhalation , as the first couple of uses you get a burning

wood smell and taste which can start of a bit of a reaction causeing coughing for a five or so minutes .

I didn,t do this .....

But you live an learn

And i thought it right to pass on my top tip's .......

All the best .........................................................................................................................

I lived and i learnt .... :book:

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Glad your still enjoying it. :-)

My tip for anyone using this indoors, would be to make a lung out of a plastic bottle and a plastic bag.

I use a 2ltr Pepsi bottle, its the only way Mrs inertia will have any herb and she loves it.

It's easy, there are videos about how to make it, I find it quite easy to fill it up with milky vapour, without having to pay for a volcano type jobby.

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Inertia ,

thanks for the tip and the feed back .

:rofl: I may just check that out lol ...

Sounds like a bit of fun , a bit like the vape heads version of hot rats .

Cheers l8ers dude :hi:

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after having a go on inertia's "da kube" i went out and found a cheaper variant called the "Dragon lite II" it was only £26.

had it for about a month now and its running just fine.

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Top shot Kay too

I'll look that one up , at that price your on a winner whats your main vape a silver surfer ,,,???,,,

L8ers dude ......

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I've just read over the "first use" report from above and think those reading it and thinking of buying (or having the first use of) a similar vape could do with a different description.

"Inhale" suggests using it like a pipe or something where you make a steady inward breath to draw in the vapour. I don't think this gets anything like the most out of the herb as it's a method that keeps the temperature in the trench low.

"Sip" the vapour - like this:

More time between pushing the battery and taking the first sip gives hotter temps, as does longer gaps between sips.

You can get it hot enough to burn so be careful.

Big clouds of vapour every time with this approach. I've had 6 hits from a single full trench off one fresh battery and had good vape clouds on exhaling every hit.

If you're getting vape clouds on only the first couple of hits you're probably keeping the temperature too low to get the heavier things out towards the end.

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Oh and it really needs to be said - these vapourisers are NOT a zero-smell approach. Not even close.

TRUST me on this.

I started using a MFLB right at the start of my rekindled relationship with the herb - when I hadn't been desensitised to the smell yet.

After a few hits I left the room for some food and drink - when I came back into the room it STANK of weed. There was absolutely no mistaking it - REEEEK. Seriously, it was like walking into a wall of smell when I opened the door.

It's way less stinkier than smoking, that's for sure, but if you think you're going to be able to use this vape without something to contain the exhaled smells* and get away with it unnoticed around people who don't use the herb, you're mistaken.

* I use a "Smoke Buddy" filter when I absolutely must stay smell-free.

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mine was only bought really for when its raining while fishing, and cos throwing a J together in the wet with cold hands is no fun. and if i make them up before i go, they go quicker especially if its a slow day. even on good days i tend to go thru them as i reward myself for every fish with J.

i would also question the "lack of smell", cos my weed stinks when grinding up and filling the trench, even pre-ground as soon as i open the tub it stinks the room out.

Top shot Kay too

whats your main vape a silver surfer ,,,???,,,

yeah i wish, this dragon lite is my first dabble with a vape, i tried a friends blue meanie many moons ago and thought it was a load of poo despite the rave reviews i seem to remember it getting, im talking the mid 90's now :smokin:

* my avatar is Iceman not the silver surfer ;)

Edited by KayToo
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Hey guys .

When i use my Kube , which i have to say isn,t often i always end up with a few black clumps but as soon as it's finished i empty the abv

into the pot and put the Kube away .

I also have the window open after and put a little desk fan on for ten mins .

I've never had any prob with odour Non Zilch , and thats a major factor in this house . :ninja:

Are you guys burning the shit out of your weed or is the odour from the vape itself ????????????????? :nuke:

Any Way All The Best Chaps :cheers:

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Well I keep my Launch Box in the bag it comes with and keep that inside the "stash tin" it comes with too. Open that and there's a fair pong hits you, but it's more nutty than weedy.

The smell I meant above was the smell of weed in the air from bits that were accidentally exhaled on a cough instead of being put through the smoke buddy.

I cook it to a dark brown, not black, still bits of light brown in there and the odd speck of green too. Not absolutely cremating the stuff but not just a light vaping either.

Opening the window sorted the smell in pretty quick order - it wasn't as bad as smoking would have been.

I only mentioned it in response to the comments that made it sounds like a stink-free way of toking and I just don't think that's remotely accurate if you need a non-smoker to not notice - probably not for ANY vape.

Miles less smelly than a joint or a smouldering pipe/bong as there's no sidestream at all. It's just what you're exhaling and the smell of the herb itself as you load and empty the trench.

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that video posted above is spot on!!

using the sipping method does make a big difference imo!

Also make sure you give your vape a shake every toke, it keeps it vaping more evenly and stops clumps toasting ahead of everything else.


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I have a "Da Kube", got it on amazon last year for £38. It has served me very well, for the price it's a great introduction to the world of vaping. I'm not able to have a big desktop vape either so something as small as the mflb/kube is perfect.

I vaped a trench worth of stems in it for the second time a little while ago (yep, re-vaped ABV stems) and I am pretty high. I love smoking joints/bongs/pipes, but this little thing has certainly got its place in my marijuarsenal.

I just made up a new word.


e2a: regarding the smell and combustion issues, I found that there was a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to it you can really control temps quite well, solving both those issues.

Edited by angrypanda
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e2a: regarding the smell and combustion issues, I found that there was a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to it you can really control temps quite well, solving both those issues.

Cumbustion - agreed for sure. Get the draw right and there will be no combustion while giving the full effect og the herb.

Smell - disagree. For the reasons stated above there's no way this is smell-free. Consider the science alone...

THC boils at 157 °C.

CBD boils at 180 °C.

So to get any effects from your herb AT ALL you've got to get it up to about 160 °C... and closer to 200 °C for a proper, balanced, full-spectrum hit.

Before you get anywhere even CLOSE to getting the full range of cannabinoids to boil off so you can inhale them, you're going to pass the boiling points of the terpenoids which give cannabis its smell.

129 °C Beta-caryophyllene. [Pepper and Oregano]

155 °C α-Pinene. [Pine]

167 °C Myrcene. [Musk]

176 °C Limonene. [Lemon]

There are many, many more which all together smell like weed to anyone who has smelled it before. In getting the active cannabinoids out of the herb you will get almost all of the smelly terpenoids out too - which is why the ABV doesn't smell much like weed and why the first hit of a fresh bowl/trench is so much more tasty.

From just those four though - by the time you're vaping THC in any great volume, you're at temperatures which will have the first three pouring out of the herb at an impressive rate and that will leave the vapours smelling of a peppery, herbal, musky pine smell - probably a fairly accurate description of what generic "cannabis" smells like. By the time you're at full working temperature, even the heavy ones will be coming out.

If you get the smells out of the herb and inhale them, you'll be exhaling some of the same smells too... hence it smells like weed if you don't actively control the vapours you will inevitably be exhaling.

It is nice to know that stems are vape-able so thanks for that. I've been putting them to one side and keeping what goes into the trench down to flowers only (the odd leaf and immature seed don't bother me) but will try stems if things ever get that thin on the ground.

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