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Kosher kush Grow and Smoke report.

Kosher kush grow & smoke report.


hope it helps someone.


closet 5' x 2 x 8' lined with orca film.

400w hps

2 x 125 hvk fans with rhino pro carbon.

medium - canna coco.

Nutes - Canna coco A + B, Cannazym, Cal-max(soft water area).

5 out of 6 beans germinated using paper towel method. Topped at fourth node. Mot too many problems during veg let them get a little root bound due too lack of space with last crop just finishing. Vegged for about four weeks. All five at this stage looking fairly uniform.

Flowering these stretched to fuk for the first 3 to 4 weeks, thought i was going to run out of height week 6 bb bubble cheese i put in to make numbers up started to hermie so killed it. 1 kk looking different to other 4 with increased yield and height, these plants produce amazing dense frosty buds from top to bottom smell is amazing . Plant support definatly needed, everything starting to lean with the weight, even buds at bottom drooping under the weight. I know it's no no but started raiding it at week seven mostly branches that had bent over and snapped, these are stringy as others have said. Good odour control a must. Cut down at week 10 around 20% amber trichomes, average height around 5' 6" yeild much better than expected averaged 2oz per plant witht 1 plant yielding 3oz plus.

My two cents definatly reccomend this strain very easy to grow, tastes amazing with lemony kush taste. Excellent bag appeal this smells awesome stronger oddour than bb cheese , find the smoke motivating with a good uplifting high. Years of couchlock indica's nice change from the usuall often boring dull couchock stone, grew reserva prevada og last year with only 2 beans popped out of six. which i thought had marginaly better, more all round high but poor yield compared.

Mean martian kush next, got another pack of kk free in dna offer few months ago. Think will try cali connections og soon.

Sorry no pics,

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Cheers for that nobcheese I've got 6 in at the min I'm really looking forward to trying them just flipped them to 12/12 and the stretch has started :headpain:lol cheezehead :smokin:

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No problem. I am sure you will love kk.

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Yo Nobby,

I see you are doing or maybe done by now :wassnnme: the martian kush, just a heads up mate as I have done Kosher and the martian kushes and the matian is a stretchy gal also. I found both KK and MK yeild the best with lots of bending, suppercropping each main branch with lots of LST ing. Under a 600w both these kushes are easily capable of producing 4oz per plant plus using the above techniques and that's in 11l pots wi' soil. :guitar:

P.s oh and I found it best not to top, just bend main cola and tie down quite early on and you will get a great bush cut a few side branches here and there throughout veg, and try to keep 6-7 side branches. The main cola is stonking on both these strains to big to lose by topping IME. :wink:

Edited by bredren forster

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cheers bredren for the heads up, cut the mk down couple of days ago, much the same results as the kk.looking like yielding 2 to 3oz per plant. topped them. some over reached 7' will post grow and smoke if i can be bothered. my pref is still with the kk at momment but early days.

Edited by nobcheese

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