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Sweet Seeds-tommy

★ WINNERS ★ of the 3rd Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition

70 posts in this topic

✿ 3rd Grow Diary Competition ✿




with the grow diary

"Ganesh IceCream"



mygreenmojo, the winner of the 3rd Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition at UK420 with an evaluation of 89,4%, wins a Weekend in Amsterdam, 500€ and a Cup at the HighLife Cannabiscup Amsterdam 2012 ★

The trip will be in June or July 2012. It includes plane ticket from any part of Europe, 4-5 star hotel in Amsterdam centre, a personal dutch guide to visit the best coffee shops, 500€ in cash for personal expenses, and the winner will also receive the contest cup directly and live on the "High Life Cannabis Cup" stage, with the winners of one of the most famous cup in cannabis world. We remember that this event is only possible to be visited by people who work in the cannabis industry. It also includes a dinner, free drinks all evening and the possibility to share a smoke with people from the most famous coffee shops and seed banks of the world.



Budelaire, 2nd place in the 3rd Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition with an evaluation of 87,2%, wins 400€ in products from our web site (sending expenses included in this money)



Amnesia, 3rd place in the 3rd Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition with an evaluation of 86,2%, wins 200€ in products from our web site (sending expenses included in this money)

4th LaVivaSativa

5th Serpent

6th Hiphip

7th d_n_b

8th se7en

9th dotcotton

10th nelly123

11th ScroggerMoore

12th ScumbagGardens













Cannabis Kid

smokie1 b c f c







Scooby Snax





vince noir rock n roll star

All the growers in the list (from 4th to 40th) will receive a Sweet Seeds prize lot including 2 packs of Sweet Seeds of your choice (each pack containing 3 seeds) and a few more products from the seedbanks merchandising such as t-shirts, hats, lighters, stickers, etc.

Note: in case any of the first 3 prizes are not acepted by the grower (if any of them does not come in the forum in the next 8 days to claim the prize or if any of them does not want to receive the prize for any reason) it will pass to the grower that is in the next position. On the other hand, the Sweet Seeds prize lotes that are not claimed by the listed winners will not pass to any other grower. The Sweet Seeds prize lotes should be claimed by the listed winners until the end of June, after that Sweet Seeds will not send the prize lote. The 2nd and 3rd places, with 400€ and 200€ in products from the Sweet Seeds online shop will be sent as soon as possible but we put a limit at 20 of July (in case some prodcuts are not in stock).

Hope you enjoyed the contest dear friends. And we also hope to be back in a couple of months when the next season starts with another contest. In the meanwhile mygreenmojo goes to Amsterdam and we hope he brings some nice pictures of his trip to share with us here in the forum :) Is that right mygreenmojo? (we will arrange things about your trip in private during the next few days).

All you guys who did not finish the diary yet, you can still finish it, would be really interesting. And all you guys who will grow Sweet Seeds clones or seeds during this summer are also welcome to post your diaries in the Sweet Seeds subforum... Tommy will always be around to help you out and to cheer up the place a bit more than it already is ;)

Sweet smokes and congratulations to the winners!!


the Sweet Seeds team



Edited by Sweet Seeds
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Congratulations to all the winners :yep:

Now let me share some more detailed final results with you...

>>> The 5 evaluated parameters:

1 - The aspect/appearance of the plants; [20/100]

2 - Tidiness and general appearance of the grow room; [20/100]

3 - Quantity and specially quality of the photos, showing the growth evolution of the plants; [20/100]

4 - Originality of the methods, techniques and resources applied; [20/100]

5 - Frequency of posting and companionship (fair play) demonstrated. [20/100]

Total: 100/100 (100%)



[Paramenter nº] 1 - [jury 1] 16 + [jury 2] 15 + [jury 3] 17 + [jury 4] 12 + [jury 5] 16 = 15,2 [ 15,2 = 76 divided by 5]



What is between []'s will not appear in the results table posted above.



1 - 19+18+18+18+19 = 18,4

2 - 18+17+19+16+17 = 17,4

3 - 17+18+14+18+17 = 16,8

4 - 19+20+18+18+19 = 18,8

5 - 17+19+18+18+18 = 18

Total: 89,4%


1 - 12+14+11+15+17 = 13,8

2 - 17+19+17+18+18 = 17,8

3 - 18+18+18+17+16 = 17,4

4 - 19+20+18+19+19 = 19

5 - 19+20+19+19+19 = 19,2

Total: 87,2%


1 - 18+16+18+17+17 = 17,2

2 - 17+18+19+14+17 = 17

3 - 18+17+16+17+19 = 17,4

4 - 17+13+18+15+18 = 16,2

5 - 17+19+18+19+19 = 18,4

Total: 86,2%


1 - 17+17+15+16+16 = 16,2

2 - 16+17+13+18+15 = 15,8

3 - 18+18+15+18+19 = 17,6

4 - 17+16+18+17+19 = 17,4

5 - 18+20+17+17+18 = 18

Total: 85%


1 - 16+17+18+17+16 = 16,8

2 - 17+18+16+15+18 = 16,8

3 - 15+16+18+16+15 = 16

4 - 16+16+14+16+16 = 15,6

5 - 17+18+17+18+18 = 17,6

Total: 82,8%


1 - 16+17+16+15+15 = 15,8

2 - 14+15+15+16+14 = 14,8

3 - 16+17+17+17+16 = 16,6

4 - 15+16+15+14+16 = 15,2

5 - 18+19+16+18+18 = 17,8

Total: 80,2%


1 - 16+17+18+18+18 = 17,4

2 - 13+16+13+15+16 = 14,6

3 - 14+15+14+13+16 = 14,4

4 - 15+14+14+13+13 = 13,8

5 - 17+18+18+19+19 = 18,2

Total: 78,4%


1 - 14+15+13+16+14 = 14,4

2 - 15+15+15+17+16 = 15,6

3 - 16+17+15+14+15 = 15,4

4 - 14+15+13+14+14 = 14

5 - 19+19+18+18+19 = 18,6

Total: 78%


1 - 14+15+13+13+13 = 13,6

2 - 14+14+13+12+13 = 13,2

3 - 16+15+15+15+14 = 15

4 - 17+19+17+18+17 = 17,6

5 - 18+18+19+17+17 = 17,8

Total: 77,2%


1 - 15+16+13+15+14 = 14,6

2 - 16+13+15+15+13 = 14,4

3 - 13+12+13+16+11 = 13

4 - 15+13+16+13+12 = 13,8

5 - 18+18+18+16+18 = 17,6

Total: 73,4%


1 - 15+16+15+14+14 = 14,8

2 - 16+15+12+12+16 = 14,2

3 - 11+13+12+12+12 = 12

4 - 15+16+16+16+16 = 15,8

5 - 15+15+16+18+16 = 16

Total: 72,8%


1 - 15+14+12+16+14 = 14,2

2 - 16+16+14+12+15 = 14,6

3 - 11+16+12+13+13 = 13

4 - 15+15+16+14+14 = 14,8

5 - 16+17+14+15+16 = 15,6

Total: 72,2%

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Well done MGM! some super colas in your diary dude. :yinyang:

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:band::clapping::cheers::toot: :toot: :punk::band::clapping:


Fantastic result mate, the shoe helped? All the very best in the DAM mucker, CONGRATS.

Well done BUDELAIRE, AMNESIA, LA VIVA, SERPENT and EVERYONE else in this great comp.

Thanks Tommy and ALL concerned.


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Nice1 congrats to mygreenmojo wish i was cuming with thi m8, looking forward to next year then? all the best to you all ppl. Nelly :guitar::guitar::skin_up:

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Well done to all the winners and takers part!

Maximum respect to Tommy & everybody at Sweet Seeds for the opportunity to take part & the great prizes :) Enjoy everyone!

Lookin forward to doin it again soon :yep:


Edited by Cannabis Kid
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WELL DONE GUYS!!! truely amazing diaries all round :yes:

Thank you very much Sweet Seeds, made my nite that has :yep:


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Well done mgm ya nailed it fella :yes:

Congrats on a very well deserved win and I know your going to love the cup weekend its pure quality!

Congrats to all the other winners too and hats off to sweet seeds :yep:

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Really, hats off to all contestants, some cracking grows on show!

The spirit of the contest has been amazing, a real pleasure to have shared this experience with you all.

Congratulations to the winners!

Dot :hippy:

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:eek: This is unbelievable!, I never expected this, :yahoo: Sweet Seeds and all the team involved thank you so much, tommy your hard work is much appreciated. :notworthy: I've loved every minute of this journey and its been an absolute pleasure.

mygreenmojo and Budelaire well done my friends, very worthy winners with such inspirational diaries. Congratulations to all the runners up, with such great works on the board i feel unworthy but so honoured to receive a podium finish.

All the best, i'm off to celebrate with that lump of Ice hash i made. :smokin:

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well done all .

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Thanks amnesia buddy. There's some excellent growers in the comp and I'm made up to have a podium finish. :yinyang:

Well done all, and a big thanks to tommy and sweet seeds crew. The comp realy is in a class of its own.


Can't beleive I'm getting even more bounty! :notworthy:

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Well feck all of yous i gots me self some seeds mofos :guitar::toldya::band::beer:lol cheers :notworthy:lol

A massive well done mygreenmojo. Budelare, Amnesia, LaVivaSativa,Serpent,the mad Welshman Hiphip :P d_n_b, se7en,dotcotton, top dude nelly,ScroggerMoore, ScumbagGardens,

Honestly dudes you all should be very proud of your self' s. When you look at the sweet seed judges scores, there was nothing really between you. your diary's were inspirational to read, well they were for me. Sniff sniff am fooking welling up ere :blub:{ gets man sized hanky's out for the second time this week} well chuffed for you all

Tommy and sweet seeds, wow folks what a truly magnificent competition this is, and an absolute pleasure to have taken part in. you guys are the dogs nads.

I am now going up to bounce up and down on the wife's bed and tell her i one a some seeds, I may even tell her i one the whole thing :toldya:

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Well done everyone!!

And thanks sweet seeds. What an amazing start to the day!! Can't believe i have even got a goodie bag, i am truly honoured!

Any idea when the bags will be sent out? Just i have a big house move coming in the next few weeks. And id rather it didn't go missing in post.

Well done to the winners, i feel like one now.


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Hi friends!

Thanks you all for your posts ;)

buggsy: we will start talking about it by PM with you guys next week. If for any reason you prefer to receive the prize only a month or two after, there will be no problem in leaving it in standby for a while, as long as we speak about it until the end of June (which we will, we'll speak next week ;) )

Sweet smokes everyone! :yep:


Edited by Sweet Seeds
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