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Quivertip/method feeder

Hi Guys!

Im usually a carper with a 3 rod set up,but latley on my local lake Ive been interested whilst watching a few quivertippers (is that their name) haha! Im thinking of retireing a carp rod and replaceing it gwith a quiver tip.

Now where I fish theres the odd 20lb carp among hundereds of smaller carp around the 3lb-15lb but its the bream/tench and silver fish I want to target with the quivertip baring in mind the chances are at some point one of these carp might pick up my bait.

So the question is what rod and reel should I go for? I know the quivers come in 1 oz 2oz 3oz tips and Im looking for a decent reel with 3 spare spools,so I can match them up with the quivertip,some thing like this:

1oz tip with 1-3lb mainline to target silver fish.

2oz tip with 3-6lb mainline to target bream/tench.

3oz tip with 6-10lb mainline to target the smaller carp.

The lake is only about 4 acres so i dont think I,ll need to be casting long distances. Any quivertippers out there Id appreciate any of your tips,like rods/reels/swim feeders/anything at all really.

Oh and one more thing,my hooklink! Should that be less than my mainline? like 3lb mainline with a 1lb hooklink? Im sure it is,but better ask!



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Take a look at barbel rods/specialist rods/avon rods. They usually have interchangeable tips in various test curves and usually a quiver section aswel. so you end up with a rod that can be used at say 1.5lb test curve or 1.75lb test curve and a quiver section also.

daiwa, greys, shimano, free spirit all do them. take a look at leslies of luton.

Barbel might be the most appropriate as most models are built with a enough grunt in the butt to stop double figure barbel in fast flowing water so will handle carp in most situations.


For the reel, depends on budget but I like the daiwa range, starting with the procaster x range for about £40. I bought a mate one of these as a present and myself some shimano reels of about the same size for about twice the price, I was a bit jealous of the procaster to be honest for the price it cant be beat and you would have to ask why would you pay more.

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The 1,2,3 oz tips dont really work with the line ratings as you have stated. they are just for changing the sensitivity or for holding against increased river flows. It is a very broad range of lines you have stated and you wont find a rod that can cover them all effectively. better to buy 2 cheaper rods to cover them than 1 expensive one that will either suit the higher or lower breaking strains.


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