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Treating my Cancer with Oil

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RIP MrLungz. such sad news

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What an experience, we can all learn alot from this guy, much love to you, my friend, lets hope attitudes continue to move in the right direction, regarding all Doctors and society in general.  "stoned love"   The Supremes.

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I have unfortunately never had the pleasure of speaking to mr lungz .....

this is the first time I've heard of him or seen this post! What a sad post it is!!! I hope Mr lungz rests in peace and I am glad he is out of suffering.

What Mr lungz has done by documenting his battle of cancer and the use of cannabis oil is very patriotic , courageous and a blessing to us all and it's so sad he lost his battle but atleast now he is out of pain. 

There is so many scams on the internet about fake oil and how it will save your life no matter what when this is not the case.

Mr lungz lost his fight but as he stated the cannabis oil was the only thing that made him feel better. 

In a country like ours where the laws are upside down and back to front it's people like this fine gentleman that sets the record straight and let's us know what are goverment are keeping from us and how we can help our selves. 

I believe this is going to be a tough read but I'm going to take the time to read each and every post in this log and I think you all should too.

mr lungz documented this to help other people and we should store this knowledge deep in our heads in case we ever need it. 

Mr lungz was a credit to us all and I really appreciate this documentation . 

My thoughts are with his family and I hope this log helps others.

rest in peace mr lungz

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I have now read all posts from Mr Lungz in this thread and more then once I was brought to tears. 

The good people who supplied Mr Lungz with his oil really changed the last of his life for the better for both him and his family, the help he received gave him a better quality of life and IMO extended time with his loved ones.....

Cannabis oil obviously works and ain't no myth!

more research needs doing into it tho.....

if only cannabis oil in large quantities was easier to obtain.

what if you took cannabis oil for the rest of your life ? Would that stop the cancer coming back completely and let you live a full and happy life? Well that's something no one knows right now. But I know one thing for sure! I would use cannabis oil over chemo anyway!

i would rather live the happiest week of my life with my family while feeling great then let them watch me suffer for a month. 

Our goverment disgusts me and it makes me think they don't want to cure cancer .

more needs to be done


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RIP MrLungz.. Your story shows us about, courage, bravery & compassion! Therefore becoming a major weapon in   EMPOWERING others. To challenge the views of dr's and oncologists re: Cannabis and cancers..

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RIP :(

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Still think about ya Mr..and thank you for all the help you gave....

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