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OutLaw test grow

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Hey Charas, I think because of the amount of thc she hardly shrinks in the drying process as you know.. Quality equals quantity ;)

Looking forward to watching the rest of yours now mate :yinyang:

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Outlaw smoke report

Hey guys after smoking this for a while now being cured for a bit it just keeps getting better, a really nice, strong moreish smoke :guitar:

I think the Outlaw is a great strain and gave me little trouble throughout the grow, hard frosty buds with a crazy amount of resin production.

Outlaw was very easy to grow so I would recommend her to anyone experienced or beginner, she did stretch to roughly 1.5 times her size once flowering commenced so I would advise lots of headroom or training ie. ScrOG method like I did.. she was perfect for a ScrOG. She's not that greedy with nutes and went up to 3ml bloom nutes for me so I would advise to take it easy and build it up slowly.


Amazing smoke, she had a fuel haze smell throughout, very pungent and distinctive, like diesel.. CHEMICAL > PETROLEUM > DIESEL. This strong smell is prominent in the smoke as well, a strong meaty taste, you just know it's strong when you smoke it and that is true in the effect, it blows your socks off but is also very moreish, the buds are awash with trichomes and go right to the ends of the leaves, very frosty buds indeed, looks like they are covered in snow hehe.

I would recommend this strain to anyone wanting a strong night time stone, highlight is the resin production, negative is it's quite susceptible to mould so keep a close eye on that during late bloom, most of my phenos were done in 10 weeks but I found one which is the 12 weeker that is advertised, VERY sativa, almost pure.

I can't quite believe the price tag for these seeds, I got 346g from 5 Outlaws under a ScrOG... Quality strain.

CK :yep:

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Beautiful grow! Sorry for that first batch that was lost..

Big thanks for directing me here! It was for sure really useful! (read it twice already... probably gonna go a 3rd time tonight! lol!

And from this thread I found Charas thread (weeeeiiiii!! :) )

Im a bit curious about the mold u got. What RHs did you have?

And the stretch.. How many days did she stretch? Im looking for... how many days in would it be suitable to let her throu the screen?

Best regards,

BIG thanks,


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hey mate, no probs I'm pleased its helped somewhat, I let her rip after 10 days but she still got too high so I would say do your last tuck under the screen at around day 15-16 after switching to 12/12.

I can't remember the RH mate, I know it was too high but it's always gonna be tough keeping it down with a Scrog, to be honest mate, for the amount I lost it was hardly even worth mentioning, maybe couple spliffs worth is all :yep:

I've got some more beans of these in the fridge and I'll deffo do her again, hope you enjoy it bro, best of luck with your grow man :yinyang:

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