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Auto Mazar + Think Different

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hey couch - that is a heck of a sight ! Great going. The next 4 weeks will really see some fat buds coming your way

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edit - double post

Edited by DutchPassionTony

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update - 7 weeks

mazars at the front, think different at the back

the net is looking pretty good. i've lost some fan leaves on a couple of the mazars (see here )but things seem to have improved since i upped the EC. resin is starting to form and smell on the mazars. the TD are really flowering nicely but no resin yet

EC is now at 1.8 / 1.9 , for the last week they've been getting PK also. temps have been 22 / 23 o C, humidity 40 - 50 %.


mazar's are getting resin, but it doesn't show up very well on the photo. i'll have to work out how to do macro on my camera. you can see a bit of yellowing - this plant has lost about 4 /5 big fans leaves.


TD's are going for it - this is the best one - this is pretty much one plant spread out.


the DR 90 is doing ok - its about 5 days behind the others and has been a bit droopy - i've got a fan in there now which seems to have made them happier, air temps weren't too high but 600 w is pretty intense in that small space.


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Hi couch - they are filling out nicely !

The next 3 weeks are special, for an auto grower you get to see buds fatten up at an almost unreal rate, but remember they are flowering under 20 hours of daily light as opposed to the 12 hours of daily light that traditional varieties get.

keep the pics coming couch, you are doing a great job

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9 weeks

been away for a week or so. missus has been looking after them.

just about kept them going - could have done with a bit more feed (but i've had enough of hydro and i'm back to soil for the next crop). buds are doing nicely despite loosing leaves from the front 2 plants, (the other plants have been ok). very stinky when i open the tent - there's a fruity black current spangle tinge.

i reckon i'll give them another day or 2 of feed then go for the flush





think different


DR 90 - hanging in there......


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LOTS of bud, and they will fatten up in the last week. Nice job !

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update - 10 weeks

nearly there......just started flushing all the plants in the last 2 days (a couple have been flushed since the end of last week). i think most of them will come out in a weeks time. very stinky when i open the tents up - the mazar has a lovely blackcurrenty resin smell, the think different more of a tropical tang.


this mazar is pretty much done - just a couple of days of flush to go.


yum yum mazar


i'll try get some close ups of the think different later

heres the small tent - about half a week behind. the autocritical has gone a lovely colour at the back


think different


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looks great couch! The AutoMazar does indeed look closer to finish than the Think Different. I wondered how many plants you have in that big tent? There are blooms everywhere, I hope you get a decent crop. It sure looks like a good yield

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hi tony

there's 7 plants in the big tent. 4 mazar and 3 think different. it should be interesting to see what the yield will be - its not been the smoothest of grows, setting up in a new house, with the plants getting shocked and the nutrients not being spot on , but not too bad i think . my next grow will be a scrog in soil and is coming on very nicely.

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the first mazar came out yesterday after a weeks flush. the rest will come out in about 4 to 7 days time. some lovely dense buds.


think different


mazar - this is the old that came out

canopy - after a weeks flush


mazar that came out





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think different


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this is the last lot. took 8 hours to do all the trimming. knackerer and aching back, but very satisfied. some amazing dense sticky buds.

found a bit of bud rot on one of the very dense mazars. had to cut out a chuck away a big chunk. arse. not too bad tho, and not surprising as the buds were so dense.

i didn't photo them all - kids lots track of what i did.......

Think Different










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the roots had completely circled the pot, but not filled out the centre so well. maybe these would do well with airpots so that the pot fills out nicely ?


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If ever anyone needed convincing about how much bud can be produced by a 7-pack of quality AutoFem genetics then look no further !

Thats as much bud from an auto grow as I have seen in a while. Great effort, there are some solid looking blooms there. Amazing roots as always with good auto's. You are right Couch, they would love airpots. All in 11 weeks I guess? great result Couch, I think you impressed everyone that saw that grow !

Edited by DutchPassionTony
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here's the crop. took about 10 days to dry properly, perhaps because its been so humid, and its been curing for 5 / 6 days.

think different - 305 grams from 4 plants. lovely sour tang to the smell. smokes great pure even with a short cure, it'll be a lovely tasting smoke after a month in the jars. its a nice uplifting fresh high at the moment, i expect it'll mellow out. it made hanging out in the sunshine yesterday afternoon bloody lovely.

the buds are generally very dense and resinous. not much airbud due to the training net and under skirt trim.



random bud


automazar - 495 grams from 6 plants.

a mixture of very dense tight buds and more long feathered buds between the different plants. both are totally resin coated with a heavy resin stink, with hints of berry fruits. again very little airbud.

so far it smokes and tastes good, just a hint of leaf at this stage. the stone is a bit more chilled, less uplifting, than the think different. will see how it matures in the jar. looking forward to it.



lots and lots of buds like these, no big colas due to the scrog net.


the dinafem auto critical gave 58 grams from the 1 plant. i'll try get some pics up in a bit. very resinous dense buds. haven't tried it yet.

i'm pretty happy with this crop - it was the first in a new place and i fucked a few environment things up early on shocking the plants, and never really got on top of the nutrients. its been pretty quick and got me a crop in 11 weeks whilst i grew some photo period monsters for scrogging. perhaps it would have finished a bit earlier if i hadn't shocked them ?

final yield was about 850 grams. ok but not great. it will also have used a lot more electricity running 20 hours days.

i would have liked to have had a few more plants in the spaces, maybe 6 or 9 in the dr90 and 12 even 16 in the dr120. i think packing them in and pruning the bottom branches like a normal crop would increase the yield a fair bit, treating them a bit more like a sog.

i think autos would do really well in airpots to force the roots to fill the pot densly too - they don't have a long grow cycle so the more growth you can pack in ealry in the better. seymourbuds seems to get them to really grow fast using DWC, i couldn't be arsed with fannying around with DWC myself tho.

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