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Dutch Passion Monthly Photo Contest Returns

Our multi-language website rebuild is now just about complete, and that means the return of our photo contest, with some generous prizes.

Details are here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/photocontest/

Each month we will have a €100 prize for best photo. The prize is in the form of a voucher which you can spend on our website. The winner is the photo that gets most public votes on our website.

Every 3 months the Dutch Passion professionals will review all the photo's from that period and vote for their favourite one. This photo will win a €250 voucher for the website. Vouchers can be spent on seeds or merchandise. We apologise in advance that we don't send seeds outside of Europe. Winners will be notified be e-mail and prizes sent out in the normal way.

They have to be your photo's, any found to have been copied from someone else will be disqualified. Where possible include the Dutch Passion seed packet in the close-up bud-shots, and a brief amount of grow info (indoor/outdoor/grow method etc). To upload photo's you will need to create an account http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/signin/ and agree to terms and conditions which include the option for us to use the photo's on our website.

So that is it. There will be 12 prizes a year so if you have some good photo's feel free to submit them as from today. You can upload 1 or more than one, and can enter every month if you wish. I wish you lots of luck and plenty of fun looking at the entries!


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Heres my entry feel free to vote for her if you like guys :guitar:

All votes much appreciated!!

MR R :yinyang:

http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/photovote/2012-04-20-whitewidow-mrrhino_144/ Edited by mr rhino

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Hi Mr Rhino, you are getting plenty of votes

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:yep: 214 votes now thanks to me :P

Well Done Mr Rhino :guitar:

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