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Auto Blueberry

Hey Tony

OK just a few questions before I order some of these beans mate..:-)

What yield could I expect from this strain if grown right...

What height could I expect from this strain...

What age to they start showing flowers...

What feeding cycle do they like heavy or light...

What side ways growth can i expect i.e 3 per light in a 1.2x1.2 space OK. Doing a side by side grow in the 1.2x2.4 tent 3 a side with 1 in the middle.

I was going to use canna's bio (organic) but being my first Auto grow Im going to stick with canna cocco 1 nute from start to finish might make it easier.

Cheers rasta :smokin:

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Hi Rasta, AutoBlueberry - I hope you like her

First of all take a quick look at the time lapse video of here done under 600W HPS at the bottom of this page, this will give you an intial feeling for her.


Yield from a typical hobby grower would be 2-3 ounces per plant. With more serious set-up, and in a well run hydro system you could get more - perhaps 100g+ per plant, maybe 100g++. Although I haven't seen an AutoBlueberry blown up to epic proportions yet I believe that she could be. She will start throwing out pistils around the 3 week mark and may reach just over 1 metre tall, and perhaps just under that in width

They seem to feed on the lighter side of average, so careful not to burn them. There was an aborted grow diary done on her (google autoblueberry in dwc) where they were fed seedling mix for a couple of weeks, then veg mix for a week or so and then the flowering feed. They were looking great but like I said the grow was had to be stopped just as it was looking interesting.

I have been impressed with organic Jim's coco auto grow, his diary is in the competition section, so I hope yours will take off in a similar way. If you can get a lot of light on them they will throw out a lot of side shoots so prepare for a resonable amount of bushiness to them. In a 1.2m x 2.4m tent maybe 5 would be a comfortable maximum (?) if it goes well. You might just squeeze 1 or 2 more in there if you don't mind a tight fir. What lighting system will you use?

I am really looking forward to seeing what you can make of these genetics Rasta, they will love your LED if the get chance to experience it, just go easy on the nutrients and let the plants tell you when they need more. You should do well with her ! Good luck - it will be fun to watch

Edited by DutchPassionTony

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