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Planta pablo

1990-96ish uk dnb, jungle, breaks,

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On 03/01/2017 at 10:54 PM, Sidi Hidi said:

DJ Hype MC MC & HyperD June '95 Summertime in the jungle. Mickey Finn, Ray Keith and too many to mention.

This 2 minute clip gives me the goosebumps and puts me back, smack bang in the middle of that wreathing mass of bodies. The condensation was dripping off the ceiling and I can almost smell the sweat, skunk, poppers and vics, a heady combination. Stevie had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand, the place was ram stoker jam. They could've sold out these events 3 times over, such was the demand. Every one was packed to the rafters, until the council and police shut it down at the end of the year.

I was only 16 and had been a member at venue 44 for 2 years. They'd let anyone in, as long as you had a members card, a ticket and didn't cause any grief. They had to use a shoe horn to prise me off that sprung wooden dancefloor. They held under 18 raves on a Saturday afternoon too.

Tribe Of Issachar Congo Natty + Super Cat



Yes I'm broad, I'm broad, I'm broader than Broadway

Watch me, watch me, watch me

On the intercom Rosy tell me to come

Said she didn't have a daughter, but she did have a son

She said the lift doesn't work, run up the stairs and come

 Barrington levy "here I come". Original song. Loved it on GTA 4 or something.

I had Viberlite tapes but with DJ Vibes no Lively I think.



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Being from the west country my partying was mainly in fields,ancient monuments  (I'm not happy about now) and occasional old B&Q's etc not many  clubs although the thekla was pretty good.

In 88' I literaly became a traveller for a couple of years on a single decker bus with some family friends travelling around with Circus Warp,Spiral tribe and Diy and we partied alot but also did some nice warehouses around Bristol and under the flyovers with Easygroove (top bloke) then went home again and watched Carl Cox at the UFO club who even now says it was one of the best nights of his life,Billy Nasty played a set you wouldnt believe there and dont mention the Ganesh trips omfg! Shepton Mallet with Mutoid Waste Sculptures that freaked me out and the most people ive ever seen in a Renault 12 (funny what you remember) Peasedown St John was a great party unless you lived there,went to a Party or two in Stroud one of which ended up being a party round a mark 3 Escort that had an insane sound system in it the other ended up being raided with riot shields and dogs,not great on Acid trust me.Hungerford Common was awesome but as a bonus we walked around the site and ended up watching Hawkwind play on the back of an HGV after 4 trips that was an entirely mental mindfuck we spent hours feeding mushroom's to a horse that then bit my mates arm pretty bad blood and everything lol (don't give mushrooms to horses) Castlemorton (who didnt?) Partied at Roundway Hill in Devizes and I watched a girl get killed by some bloke driving his Vw Camper round a cornfield for fun and didnt see her chilling out,put a bit of a downer on that one for sure.

Then the yearly breaking into Glastonbury was not to be missed of course.

I ended up going to the very first Universe party at Bath with Prodigy doing a PA and fuckin' Charlie being played about 10 times that looking back really signalled the end of the party scene that I loved so much and from there I drifted away and the music mutated out into a thousand different flavours and my breaks,beats and bleeps Acid got sampled to death  before my very eyes.

After that I played a supporting role in stocks and supplies.

I'd give anything to experience just one of those great 7 day weekends again.

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Jumping Jack Frost - Pornography(94 Remix)
Tekniq - Awakening
Jumping Jack Frost - Say
Drum & Bass - That Ruff Track(Remix)
Tekniq - After Dark
MA1 - Motion
Ratty - Source Of All Evil
MA1 - The Switch
Ratty - On The Case
007 - Your Love Is All I Need
Jumping Jack Frost - Osmosis(Ratty Remix)
007 - We Had It All
Ratty - Bells Of Dawn(Jumping Jack Frost Remix)
4th Dimension - Oblivion
Mastersafe - Rolling With The Punches
Deadly D - Oh Yeah
Wardance - Sleepnessness
Mental Power - Dream Sequence
DJ SS - The Intro
DJ SS - Almshouse
Mental Power - Unknown Inteligence
Rhythm For Reasons - The Love Statement
International Rude Boyz - Closer To Reality
Rhythm For Reasons - The Smokers Rhythm
Mental Power - Real(Bonus Track)
DJ SS - Rollidge(Bonus Track
Rhythm For Reasons - The Smokers Rhythm(DJ SS Remix)
MA2 - Rollers Music
MA2 - Hearing Is Believing(Remix)
Tekniq - The Voyager
In Between The Lines - 95 Rampage
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter(Mix 2)
Sound Of The Future - The Lighter(Rollers Remix)
In Between The Lines - We're Roll'in(DJ SS Remix)
The Outsider - The Mash Up
Mental Power - Deep Soul
Mental Power - Deep Soul(Remix)


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0:00 - The JB - Back 2 Life The Dedication
2:30 - Renegade - Terrorist
4:49 - Rebel MC ft Top Cat - Champion Deejay
8:09 - L Double & Liccle D Ft MC Det - Dub Plate Special
11:47 - 88.3 feat Lisa May - Wishing On A Star (Urban Shakedown Dub)
13:08 - The X - New Dawn (ST Files Remix)
16:18 - New Blood - Worries In Thr Dance
18:42 - Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
22:50 - Danny Breaks - Step Off
25:03 - Studio Pressure - The Water Margin
28:50 - The Dubster - Retreat
30:40 - Roni Size & Die - All The Crew Big Up 95'
33:07 - Goldie - Inner City Life (Nookie Remix)
35:36 - Dead Dred - Dred Bass
39:06 - Kemet Crew - The Box Re Opens
40:15 - Andy C - Roll On
43:19 - Renegade - Dark Soldier
47:29 - Stakka & K-Tee - Ya Don't Stop
48:37 - Origin Unknown - Truly One
51:39 - Jonny L - Piper
54:42 - The Terrorist - Chopper
56:31 - DJ Nut Nut ft Top Cat - Special Dedication
57:52 - Dextrous & H Pee - Hot Flame
1:02:19 - J Majik - Southern Comfort




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lmao! just see this in my recommendation bit of youtube... had to post it somewhere... pwopper fucking ravers lol.. at one point david brent came to mind




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Cool thread ile have a good look when i have more time but love old school dnb and hardcore

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dillinja - 3.01 in the morning
dj al - dope jam
dj crystl - deep jungle
swan-e collusion
style n hopkirk - sensi
dillinja - perfect match
heavyweight - solitaire
funky technicians - sound trak
digital - touch me (96 remix)
j majik - hidden menace
the committee - final conflict (tango remix)
lemon d - don't make me wait
mind 21 - mindz (amen mix)
splash - babylon (dj trace remix)
klute - ramraider
dillinja - warrior
fallen angels - taken over
in-sync - nasty
johnny jungle - johnny (dillinja remix)

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I thought that first track by dillinja was this:


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The 2 - Lovin You
Doc Scott – NHS(Disco Mix)
Dance Intelligence – Rizzla Youth
LTJ Bukem – Demons Theme
Kenny Khegoe – Untitled(K-Time EP)
Studio 2 – Dirty Games
Two Bad Boys – Feel The Magic(Part II)
Hardcore Rhythm Team – Do U C The Light
Tom & Jerry – Physics
Jack Horner – Untitled
4 Hero – Angry People
Chaos & Julia Set - Fear The Future (Original Chaos Mix)
Blame – Are You Dreaming?
Primary Source – Lovin' You
Blame – Sound of Angels
Escape – Escape (The Optical Mix)
Bodysnatch – Eyes On The Horizon
Gin & Tonic – Junglist 2 Hardcore
Unknown Artist – Bang The Noise EP
Utomica – Rok-A-Bye
X-Certifcate – Reality
X Project – Walkin’ In The Air
Controller 7 featuring Double O : AM - Take Control (Controller Mix)
Studio 2 – Planet Dance
Bizzy B & Peshay – Merder Style
Potential Badboy – Work the Box
Bizzy B & Peshay – All Crew Hold Tight
Primary Source – Mic Check

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Not been in here for a while..Some great tracks been posted ..

Here's a couple of my oldskool.favs 

Skanna - All you wanted 




Ed Rush- Bludclot Artattack 


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