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CBD Strain - releases planned?


I just wonder, if Dutch Passion is going to release a high CBD strain in the near future?

At the moment, all these strains are released - but its always with the goal of a 1:1 CBD:THC (sadly to me).

I, and many more- searching for high CBD low THC strains (something like 15% CBD 0,5% THC for example).

Its time for such a strain :-)

For anxiety problems, different types of cancer, diabetes, antibacterial, schizophrenia.....

I know there is no high and its not for such purpose. On the other hand, people who like high THC - but also interestet in CBD could grow a CBD plant beside their THC plant and mix the weed while smoking to find their perfect balance. I think there is much more common sense within that kind of practice- instead of only producing those 1:1 strains...

I'm a bit hopeless because all I can see is 1:1 ratio plants (for example CBD crew).

I'm with Otto#1 at the moment, and some phenos should be high CBD low THC... I already tested 15 young plants - and no high CBD plants within. Only high THC or 1:1 ratios. It's always luck of the draw.

Will Dutch Passion produce such strains in future? Is this planned - or not?

Thank you Tony


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Hello Tomas, I haven't forgotten about the question! Just have a few things I need to check before I can reply. Good question by-the-way!

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