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Organic Jim

Jim's Competition Diary

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Cheers guys, sorry for the long break, but the computers been down and poorly for ages.

Up and running again with some last minute pics for the Night Queen diary.

Some dry buds off the black leaved NQ






And some Snow Bongs of the bud (tasting really rich and hashy, with a very sleepy relaxing stoned feeling)...



...and Ice Hash (which was very black and "Afghan Hashy" in taste and effect)




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Overall, I'd Definitely grow Taiga (or Taiga 2) again, but not Think Different. Most probably my errors with pH affected her growth, and the hot weather at drying time didn't help much, but no complaints! I got a shedload of really decent weed.

I will grow Night Queen again, maybe if I have the luxury of time and surplus purely to make hash, as I really love what I got from this last crop.

Thanks a million to Tony and Dutch Passion

This is Jim, signing off the end of the Diary.

Thanks for tuning in.



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Snow Bong :rofl: Love it!

Great Diary Jim.


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Great read OJ :) makes one think about doing an auto grow just for the sheer hell of it :)


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you will love them vill. Lots of people get their photoperiod variety vegging while they run a few auto seeds, if you time it right it is a simple way to self sufficiency. Other people run their growroom under a constant 20/4 time system and get a new auto seed in every time they chop one down. Quality wise I cant tell the difference anymore

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Hi Chaps, yes indeed, I am going for the plant a seed a week before harvest approach.

Go for it Villain, get those autos planted!

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Always nice to go back and catch up on a old diary

Great read with nice pics and detail ..+ modesty ..well done sir



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