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Guest Nu Jerzey Devil

*TEST GROW* White Widow x The Ultimate.

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Can you help me out I have been trying to get tails out of my widow and cannot for the life of me get them out only one came, all the rest cracked with little white seems coming out of the crack but won't come out any further so I planted them because I waited a week with no progress can you help. Please!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry it took so long for a reply, From the sounds of it you got a bad pack of seeds.

I would contact the supplier and try and get a new pack for them.

Hope you sorted it out though, Nothing worse than off seeds :( what a bummer it is

best of luck

Edited by Nu Jerzey Devil

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nice buds njd :trumpet:

top job you've done here buddy, are they down and dry yet??

take care man :yinyang:

Yeah they are well finished and have been smoked, They were lovely. They had the dank, musky and fuelly taste of the WW x U and it also had a hint of Cheesyness in there from the UK Cheese. It was a strange stone, It made your body relaxed which would be the WW x U and the UK Cheese made you have a head high whilst getting a body stone.

Sometimes I didnt know if I was coming or going. The WW x U x UK Cheese plant I grew would have been a GPW strain had I used a full room of them. I was well happy.

The only downside was a tiny bit of bud rot, I lost one bud probably a quaters worth

The WW x U x Shnaze was a really good strain. My friend grew it out for me. He gave them a 3 week veg ( 18 inch ) as they were growing in faster and stronger than any plant I had seen. By the time they had finished flowering they were 1.5m tall.and that was with Fimming, Super Cropping and topping.

Looking back now we should of only given them two weeks of veg and straight into flower.

The taste was a sweet taste like smoking sugar. This strain although it had the same father WW x U it had none of the taste or smell of the WW x U nor did it have the taste or smell of the Shnaze. It gave off a completly different smell and taste to its parents.

The high was a cerbal high it made you think a lot and could put a massive smile on your face as you tried to peel your eyes apart

I still got hundreds of seeds left for both strains so I may get to do a run in the future once I get somewhere to grow. I live in hope :D

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