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Medical Cannabis for Autism advice

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I personally would do what ever I thought I needed to do it help my kids be illegal or not, Cannabis is only illegal because of lies. If it wasn't for the lies just maybe we would be using cannabis for many things that it helps with every day even on kids that there's evidence that cannabis works for. Did you see Weed Wars where the Dad gave CBD to his 5 year old son trying to find out if it would help with seizure? The kid didn't have a seizure for 4 days and hummed for the very first time in the kids life. I can't say what I would do or try if my kid had Autism but I know I wouldn't say I would never try something the Government said was illegal as I am tired of being lied to and cannabis has Medical uses!!!

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RealMed - I saw that. It was a heartbreaking story. Hearing how the cannabis affected the young'un was both infuriating and a delight.

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How many parents have popped a few wee drops of booze into their kids' nighttime milky over the years..?

I'm blessed that my little boy has no health probs but, if he did, nothing would be off the cards.

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Hops are very helpful for aiding sleep. worth talking to a herbalist about im sure, maybe your gp :)

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Heard you first time! ;)

As for hops...

...get some muslin and optionally some nice light, loose (but less open than muslin) fabric from your local habadashery. Half a yard of each would be serious overkill but is often the least they'll sell.

Get some hops and some loose lavender (not oil) from the local herbalist (Neal's Yard) or just hops from your local homebrew supplier.

Anyway, cut an 8"x10" rectangle out of the muslin, fold it in half to give 4"x10" and stitch along two sides leaving one 4" side open.

Stuff the hops or hops/lavender into the bag.

Sew up the 4" side.

That's enough for it to work, but you can make a small pillowcase from the other fabric to put the muslin bag into. It doesn't seem to cause the sleep-inducing aroma any trouble getting out, but does keep the smaller bits of herb and dust from getting out so easily.

Total cost for the project should be less than £5. I spent £10 and got too much herbs for one pillow. The remainder are currently sat in the freezer waiting to be put into a pillow and used but the first lot are still doing a great job. When they lose their potency it'll be all change.

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there is a warning regarding hops tho which is why i suggested speaking to someone first. various mental illness dont mix well with Hops

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I can't give advice on the medical use of cannabis but i know of one thing that may help, maybe now, maybe when he's a little older.

A school in America had great success with this, its called BioFeedback.

They helped kids with ADHD to concentrate and calm down a lot, the child is hooked up to a PC, using electrodes that are placed on the head.

The electrodes are linked to a piece of kit that reads the brain waves and displays them on-screen.

The children are taught that getting into a certain mind-state (or brain wave pattern) helps them calm down and focus, the fact that they can see their brainwaves changing on screen is the feedback part, and, in their mind, they can 'feel' how and when they have achieved the relaxed state, eventually the kids could do it without the machine.

The documentary i saw about this is on youtube, at first it seems unrelated to what i've just described but he gets into it after 15 minutes or so :

Also, my friends kid is autistic, they switched him to a vegatarian diet and made sure he didn't have too many processed foods or sugary drinks and sweets and the change is very impressive. He still isn't very talkative but his mood is much improved.

Hope this helps and all the best to you and your family :)

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the diet thing is really interesting thanks nibblebit

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Happy to help, i know the documentary may look a bit weird at first but it's worth a watch.

I'd be interested to hear what you think of it if you watch it.



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start with diet. i know it's gona be hard with a child that young, but in my experience, diet is the best starting point.

definitely agree with that, diet is number one. i'm autistic, not hugely so but i do find that diet is absolutely number one in terms of things i can do that will help me.

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As always, there's a lot of misinformation online and cascaded through media from the government and agencies with interest in the selling of drugs, poor quality food etc.

The best information I've found on this subject is at www.gaps.me.

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edited to say that I'm not concentrating and I'm not sure why I put this in this thread, except that it had Autism in the title

Marijuana and Autism Survey - NORML and UF4A Collaboration


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dear NORML supporters,

Over the last five years there have been numerous media reports about the anecdotal use of cannabis to help autistic children. Two brave women, one on the east coast the other the west, have been at the forefront of this effort to help scientifically explain why cannabis appears to be so helpful. Marie Myung-Ok Lee wrote about her experience in Rhode Island, a state with medical cannabis laws, in 2009. Soon after, inspired by Marie's writings, Mieko Perez Hester and her son had a similarly positive experience with treating his autism in California. Mieko, soon after going public about their experience, was invited onto ABC's Good Morning America.

The reply from parents around the country to these charter members of the NORML Women Alliance experience as parents using cannabis as a therapy for their autistic children has been overwhelming and inspired the need to perform proper scientific research to possibly develop cannabinoid-based treatments for autism in both children and adults.

To help accomplish this Mieko established The Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A), which is asking the NORML community of hundreds of thousands of cannabis consumers and patients to help with a scientific survey today.

The NORML community has joined UF4A in this remarkable journey and fight, and has offered to help solicit feedback through the survey.

Target: Persons on the autism spectrum currently using or interested in using cannabis as a safe and effective medication to treat autism.

With more than 1 in 88 children affected, autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. Currently, there is no medical detection or cure for autism; however, there are pharmaceutical and therapeutic treatments that have proven to be effective in treating the condition. Among the safest and most remarkable is the therapeutic use of medical cannabis.

Amidst a highly controversial setting, one California mother is sharing her autistic son's triumphant and life-saving journey with the world. Single mother of three, Mieko Hester Perez was watching her young son, Joey, succumb to various combinations of 13 different prescription drugs that ravaged his body and internal organs. Joey weighed only 46 pounds, and was in a battle for his life.

Read more: www.uf4a.org

In 2009, The Unconventional Foundation for Autism (UF4A) was formed. UF4A is lighting a path in hopes that others may benefit from alternative therapies that may be available to other families on the Autism Spectrum. Mieko helped create a survey to help solidify and amplify her results and the level of help the Foundation can provide.

At UF4A, we believe providing the most accurate information to medical professionals for research purposes will pave the way for clinical trials for unconventional treatments.

We seek to solidify and further the fundamental understanding we have in regards to the effectiveness of cannabis alleviating symptoms along the Autism Spectrum. The information collected in the survey will be used to further guide families, new patients, doctors and lawmakers in making informed and proper decisions for themselves and our community.



If this survey applicable to you or a loved one, we invite you or them to fill out the form UF4A Treatment of Persons on the Spectrum with Cannabis. To fill out the survey, click here.

Thanks in advance and have a safe Memorial Day weekend,

-Allen St. Pierre

Executive Director


Washington, D.C.

Edited by namkha

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Just wanted to say having an Autistic child is the hardest thing I have ever had to face.

The sheer emotion, frustration, care and despair left me depressed and pretty much lived like a zombie(in the early days). Slowly when my son reached around 5, he learnt a few words, used the loo himself, started sleeping a whole night etc - all without meds.

Its getting easier, the pain and quest for answers goes on, but now we cope. We never go Tesco or anywhere there is a queue when hes with me. He likes open spaces, parks and feeding ducks etc. Me too :)

I bought him a iPad recently, my god hes amazing on it, on youtube and various apps (highly recommended). Well so much more I could add, but just wanted to share some thoughts and good luck to the OP.

Its tough, but rewarding and a test of the highest order.

Interesting to hear cannabis considered as a treatment, but would need to be tested before any parents can consider.

Edited by fly

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