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Percy Bud

The (possible) history of Skunk#1

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The thing that got me was bsv said himself that ot1 didn't want any attention & wanted to be left alone, yet he's going around flapping his gums about him, calling him the Luther burbank of cannabis. There's giving people credit & then there's using someone's name to push your gear. Two different things. 


I can't smell any outrageous terp profiles over IG, wish that technology existed. 

Why doesn't he release his breeder cut of this supposed road kill & put the arguement to bed. Because if he did have the real deal then he wouldn't have to try hyping his seeds. 

Just sounds like he's done a bunch of open pollinations. 

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9 hours ago, Irl_420grower said:


Because of the shit he gets everyone's saying he's a fraud, but from what I've seen on IG he doesn't seem like one , I'd try those seeds just to see, I've heard he used oldtimers work and promoted it or something and I can't see anything wrong with that or the plants that come out of those packs, the 50 or so people I followed can't all be bullshitters and I see signs of skunk on those plants, double serrations, some of the most outrageous terp profiles, I've yet to try his seeds I will be, I need to see for myself,i watched the stream and all those guys plants looked great. 


Obviously shill account is obvious.


Get the fuck out, blueskiesvienna is a rat scallion piece of shit who is capitalising on an old mans lifes work and selling it as something its not.


Everything has got skunk in it these days, does that mean everything is road kill skunk and any old cunt can embellish a story because of a.planfs lineage?


Get the fuck out

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Around we go, same old shit year in year out  from the same old fukkers out for themselves, adding more  fukwits yearly  thinking they know it all attempting to pull everyone's pants down over and over. 


Around the bullshit Bush we go and go.. 

is there anyone that doesn't chat utter shit in this seed game? not many honest folk about when it comes to canna stories, that's for sure. 


We attract proper bullshitters  in this game, but I guess it's the ones that are desperate for attention in  the scene, and there's many desperate to be recognised for something, even if it is a load of old shite.... 

But let's not let a good story get in the way of reality when there's a potential buck to be made, eh! 



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@HazyDaze :cheers: to that 

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On 29/12/2020 at 9:32 AM, GSZZ said:


Well he obviously still lurks here, and doesn't want the truth getting out, he's blocked me on Instagram lol

You know how bad the bullshit must be if he’s breeder turned lurker .. in the shadows and shit  :pitchfork:

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The cheez did come out of skunk#1 but it wasnt found by milo. Maybe cheese farmer has told its history on here. 

Edited by Owderb

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