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Plagron Light Mix

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I've used Royality Mix from seed, with various strains. Some were ok but it is packed full of nutrients so was a bit too hot for some strains, others loved it.

The difference in texture is clear, the Lightmix is much finer, and the Royality Mix is rougher, with lots of lovely bark and roots and chunks of wood and stuff.

The only main difference is you may need to supplement Light Mix with some nutrients in veg, whereas Royality will keep the plants happy til you pot up.

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Hey guys, Thought I'd bump this instead of creating new thread. 


My mate has been growing in plagron light mix and is feeding a mixture of all different chemical/salt nutes and adjusts the PH when feeding (does not sound that good to me tbh). I'm a soil/compost grower and I got the idea that this soil is more for organic grows and he shouldn't really be adjusting the PH. He is growing critical cheese and are right near the end and are looking good tbh, no deficiencies or anything but 2 are foxtailing pretty badly. I'm not saying that's down to the feeding schedule or anything though or else they would all be like it. People on here are using hesi with it, and iirc they only do a chem range so must be g2g with chem fertilisers then?

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