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farmer boy

random guerrilla photos

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The shortest plant iv ever grown, Happy Brother BX2....




 Might have suffered from being in the shadow of the others, finished about a foot tall! I did top her once so had quite a few tops and really hard compact buds so not a terrible yield but what it lacks in size it sure makes up for in flavour! Really struggling to identify the tastes, there's a little bit of kush and kinda creamy fruit but couldn't say what, someone else has said the strain has a ripe banana flavour and it's close but not quite... needs more curing and sampling!  Nice bit of body stone without being too heavy so still functional in the day, would be nice to cross it with something that would bulk it up a bit, here's a few more pics...



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Well I never got any chocolate from the Chocolate Rain but it was probably the frostiest plant iv ever grown, it's covered in trichomes! She was a pain in the arse in early veg and I struggled to keep her happy while she was in her pot but she picked up after plant out and grew into a decent bush, a bit floppy and loads of side branches but lots of bud sites too and she yielded well.


Really delicious mouth coating sweet red berry flavour and a spangly sort of high, has me wandering round staring at things with a grin on my face but not really good for getting things done! Very smokeable and I would grow it again, some pics...



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Trimmed the Bomb.


I've left the top on because I reckon it can go further.


Another week? Too cold for mould?









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