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A Real Festival ????

The days of cool Festivals had past or so i thought but then i stumbled across, The Big Green Gathering .. its not just an outdoor pop concert with the obligatory thud thud sound system, it seems to be a hippy green festival with alsorts of entertainment ancient and modern, music, arty and weird, my sorta ting methinks (plus its family friendly !! Kids huh !? )   I think a few me buds and i will take a trip down memory lane and check out a real festival again and its a five dayer ....!!

shhhhhhhhhh and please dont tell everyone


What's It All About?

Day after day, week after week and year after year, we see increasing evidence that our planet is in peril.

The climate is changing. The forests are burning. Whole species are dying. The air is polluted. The ice caps are melting. The poor have starvation and malnutrition. The rich have obesity, cancer and coronaries. World summits make inadequate gestures. Politicians bow down to the great god The Market. Dictators and bullies wave nuclear weapons. It can make you feel helpless and hopeless and useless.

The Big Green Gathering is a festival with a message and a mission. We are here to show that there is another way, another vision, and a host of practical ways to make that vision a reality. We can make a difference, each of us, both through campaigning and protesting, and in our own habits and lifestyles. We are here to remind ourselves of that, to inform and inspire each other, to learn from each other, to compare our experiences and to feel our collective strength. We are here also to relax and to enjoy ourselves and to have fun.

If we leave here feeling refreshed and empowered, feeling a little less hopeless, less helpless, less useless, we will all have taken at least a small step forward. We know there are many more steps still to go, but we know we are not alone on the road.

(from Programme Introduction, 1998 Big Green Gathering)

The Big Green Gathering

:D  :peace:

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high ya peeps more info on it !!

The Big Green Gathering is back!

Since 1994 it has grown to be Britain’s biggest and most popular annual event for members and supporters of the Green movement. Now, after a year off in 2001, the Big Green Gathering is back again on a brand new site in the north of Somerset.

The Green Futures Forum ...

In our uncertain world, beset by the outrages of terror and wars of revenge, with massive abuses of human rights, and amid the ever-growing threats of global warming and environmental destruction, one thing is for certain. If humanity is to have a future at all in the 21st century, it will have to be a Green future - one based on a fairer sharing of our planet’s limited resources, in which we learn to respect the rights of all its human and non-human inhabitants, and to preserve the fragile global ecosystem on which we all depend.

The centrepiece of our 2002 Gathering will be the Green Futures Forum, providing a discussion space with panels of prominent expert speakers exploring key aspects of the Green future - energy, land. agriculture, transport, trade, Green economics, peace and human rights.

... and all the usual attractions!

Our new site on the Somerset Levels will be packed full of fun for all the family - including our activity-filled Children's Area and Funfair, and a Crafts Area with huge displays of handmade goods and a wide range of workshops where young and old can try their hands at learning fascinating new skills. You can sample delicious vegetarian and vegan food from our selection of on-site cafes, or wander round our Green Market where you will find ethical goods and everyday necessities in the atmosphere of an Eastern Bazaar. Enjoy non-stop entertainment from morning to night with walkabout clowns, street theatre, dance, poetry story-tellers and music of all sorts from open-air jam sessions to excellent on-stage performances by live bands.

You can also sample the serious side of the Gathering. It is a showcase of 'alternative' technology, powered throughout by wind, solar and pedal power - no petrol or diesel generators are allowed on site. It provides a unique forum for Green campaigners to promote their own campaigns and to network with others in the fields of ecology, peace, human rights and social justice. Our Permaculture Area shows how we can work with nature to make our earth a productive garden. Our Healing Area features a full range of 'alternative' therapies, and our Earth Energies Area invites you to ponder the mysteries of the unexplained, while our Sustainable Homes Area offers examples of low-impact living and the Tipi Circle provides the unique experience of the sweat lodge.

ADMISSION WILL BE BY ADVANCE TICKET ONLY and ticket numbers will be limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Having filled our site in 2000, we expect demand will be even greater this year, and all available tickets are likely to be sold out before the event.

Adult tickets are £65 for the full five days. Accompanied children aged 5 to 13 are £10 each; teenagers aged 14 to 17 are £15 each, and children under 5 are free. The prices include camping.

Vehicles: please note that because of restricted space and to encourage Green transport options, motor vehicles will not be admitted without a pre-booked vehicle pass. Car park passes are £15 each (motorcycles £5), and transport for luggage will be provided from the car park to the camping area. Camper vans, mobile homes, etc. will only be allowed into the camping area with a special campervan pass, price £25. Caravans are £10 each (plus cost of towing vehicle).

Public Transport: regular shuttle buses will run from Weston-super-Mare rail station throughout the event.


How to Book

Please make all cheques payable to the Big Green Gathering and send to 75A Terrace Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2SW enclosing a stamped addressed envelope.

For telephone enquiries, please phone 01932 229911, or for more information and booking form, visit our website at www.big-green-gathering.com.

Concessions: a limited number of concessionary tickets are again available for students and claimants, price £40 each. Early booking is essential, and each application must be accompanied by proof of entitlement (i.e. photocopy of student card, UB40, order book, etc.)

Stalls and exhibitors: for details of rates for stalls and exhibitors, please phone 01225 331521, or write to BGG, 12 Guinea Lane, Bath, Somerset BA1 5NB .

Refunds and cancellations: all refunds subject to 25% cancellation fee. No refunds available after 24/6/02.

Published by the Big Green Gathering Co. Ltd.      

Company Reg. No. 2896176 (England & Wales)

Registered office Williamston House, 7 Goat St.,

Haverfordwest, Pembs. SA61 1TX

All this and more will make the 2002 Big Green Gathering an event not to be missed.

:alien:  :peace:

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look up the secret garden party real good one chilled as allways some mad send of the last night hard to get tickets :smokin:

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Just had a look at the secret garden party

and is all sold out....man

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