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science vs religion

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Theres a lot of material, a hell of a lot I have only heard a fraction of it, I listen to him most days and some can be boring but rough with the smooth the vast majority is very thought provoking. It takes a while to get into and actually start hearing what it is he is saying. Terence Mckenna has based himself on AW but TM is more about drugs where as AW doesnt ever tell you to 'eat 5 grams dry' its rare he mentions drugs.

He can be very funny at times too, he had a very dry sense of humour. He was 'perfectly amazing' there is no doubt

Tripping isn't for everyone however IMO there are far more people that could benefit from psychedelics than they realise, you dont hallucinate from hallucinogenic drugs (unless your doing ridiculous doses), nothing will chase after you and if you educate yourself and do things right then having a bad experience becomes a slim possibility, its certainly not a game of russian roullette like so many people think

Too many people darent trip because of the fear of having a bad do which is just a result of the propaganda

The government dont want you getting stoned because it allows you to think for yourself and see the bullshit, they absolutely can not have us taking Acid as thats like 100 times more eye opening than Cannabis. If everyone tripped tonight then capitilism wouldnt exist in the morning!


I'm going to have to one day Davey ;) (had a go with shrooms in my teens like but I was an egotistical nob end then really, a total destructive personality and didn't 'care' like I do now)

My quest for wanting to know more is the primary driver of me still being alive mate, without it I'd have quit a long time ago to be honest, but it don't half cause me difficulties aye :headpain: ...class myself as a 'dysfunctional dreamer',. It's just that the mundane, the 9 to 5, the shopping, the watching TV or socialising with peeps in a boozer getting pissed and talking frivolity is just so fucking boring like you know what I mean

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Tom Campbell is a good author and presenter of his Theory of everything. Lots of vids on YouTube.

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See signature box below. 

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i thought i was going to come in here to simply say in response to the title, "no." or even elaborate as far as "each religion as science and science as religion" or hopefully not get drawn into windbagging too much about moving goalposts and strawmen, but then i see the first post...

On 01/05/2011 at 3:43 PM, troy said:

Given that the religious community tried to stop stem cell research, is Is there any conflict between science and religion ? Is it still acceptable to be religious and be a scientist like Francis Collins the director of the National Institute for Health.

"the religious community", oh boy.  nothing like going for the broadest brushes when lost in duality.  XD


which religions?

oh, they're all the same are they?  and they're all wrong, through the lenses of science are they?  i must have missed those studies.


what's religion?

might be a better question.   if we could clarify and define terms, it might help.  often i see babies thrown out with bathwater, conflating tyranny, arrogance, dogma or ignorance as religion. 


it's remarkable (as many have) how much science is pursued in, and as, the pusuit of knowing god.  whether that's god as the universe, or god as the creator of the universe, or both.  or even done because either for fear of god, or because god told them to. 


I recall being enthralled at the neurochemistry and neurophysiology of godness in our brains.  how you can both point to, and dose for.  marvellous.  that just makes the curiosity, wonder, intrigue, so much more grand.  how can we know?  if indeed both/either are to find knowing and/or convince of knowing, whether science or religion, are we back to just that level playing field of humility in the socratic "all I know, is I know nothing"? 


some religions are more open about their use/origins of psychedelic god-brain ticklers.  and interestingly this seems another of those strong overlaps/unifiers, where such substances have proved helpful with numerous leaps in science.  one might wonder who these other actors are, who behave so contrary to these interests shared across religion and science.   ... and whom if any might seek to wear god/religion stephenHawking*/science as a puppet?

(* or whomever else becomes the science pop hero of the times)


wearing the puppets of either in our own minds, to play out some theoretical bucket experiments, we find entertaining questions, like going down the road of imagining god's will, in our capacity to love science and finding out more about her/creation.


anyhoo, to re-answer the original post, I don't know what kind of scientist Francis Collins is (nor in what manner he's religious), so I can't answer to that specific, but more generally, it's still acceptable to me, for me or others, to be religious and a scientist.  In a large part, it's acceptable to me, as an extension of my own having accepted I threw the baby out with the bath water early on, and still need be sympathetic and patient with those who've thrown the baby out with the bathwater too and maybe not even realised yet.  or perhaps worse, not even realised the bath-water is that dirty yet.   ... I'm not sure how well my mangling of a Victorian metaphor gets it across, but if you like, for simplification (and without confusing with the complexity of it working both ways), picture the baby like the sun baby from teletubbies, an immortal golden god baby, so it's still alive n well when you run outside to retrieve it from the gutter you accidentally threw it in.  (get it?  got a better, clearer, more concise depiction I can use?


well, i'm glad i didnt come in here only to say "no" or tell it how it is (like a tyrant).  arent the questions so much more interesting? 

(if you think yes, i suggest picking religions and fields/labs that think so too, or at least welcome you thinking that... actually, wait, no... scrap that... be courageous, and pick the ones that dont, and try convert them to curiosity and learning  hehehehe.)

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