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What Games Are You Playing At The Moment?

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15 minutes ago, Machiavelli said:

you can find me sitting side ways  bossin it on forza 4 into a house or wall normally :smokin:

I just finished a 3 hour endurance race to get 100% completion on 6. I will never set out for 100% again, definitely a once in a lifetime endeavour, those tracks are burned into my brain.

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On 10/12/2018 at 10:18 PM, Boojum said:



Aye, I saw that on the Ubisoft club or whatever it's called. Doing it with single player games I really don't understand :unsure: It's not like Odyssey is a hard game anyway, it's hardly Dark Souls for fuck's sake lol why would you spend real money to basically cheat ? Boggles my head - I don't use cheats or walkthroughs or stuff like that for games, what's the point, I think it just spoils the game (and as my old man used to say, if you cheat you're only cheating yourself - not necessarily true in competitive games, if you're THAT bothered about winning and not good enough to do it honesly, but definitely true when you're playing a single player game).




Little Guardian piece and discussion on cheating you may find interesting.

I must admit, I'm not averse to a little help when it comes to mopping up 1 or 2 tasks for a single player completion, if I've given it a genuinely good shot.


Finally got round to playing RDR. There's no way I would have found a couple of those treasure map locations unless I dedicated another 10 hours to scouring the prairies.


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