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What Games Are You Playing At The Moment?

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Ninja gaiden on the X-Box is the best at the moment. Also like Fight Night 2004 and Need for Speed Underground.

Viewtiful Joe on the Gamecube is very original, and I can't get tired with MarioKart.

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currently playing FarCry (currently the best FPS on PC if your system can handle it), although given that Doom3 is out in the US in a month (and available on broadband shortly afterwards :) ), I am working on getting through Farcry before it comes out. Then there is Half Life 2 to look forward to :)

Downloaded Perimeter a couple of days ago. Not played any RTS games for ages, and its really good, but right rat bastard hard (took me over 8 hours to complete one of the levels - 7 or 8 I think AFTER I dropped the difficulty down to easy)

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Hello all,

I am a computer game addict.

I am currently playing -

Far cry (first person shooter)

painkiller (first person shooter)

thief 3

Also waiting for half life 2 which should be out before end of summer.

All excellent games


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I find games boring.. Recently I downloaded:


Tony Hawk 4

Need for Speed


Crazy Taxi

All boring!!!!!!! Manhunt is just stupid and so morally wrong.....

Give me Amidar, Pengo, Popeye, Jet Set Willy....

Are there any decent modern platform games?

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Currently replaying FarCry on the hardest mode (finished it on standard)

Hitman 3 - not bad with some nice touches to it.

Thief 3 - gave up on it , it ran brilliantly but those Authentic Medieval American Accents annoyed the crap outa me!

Splinter Cell pandora , currently working my way through it , good fun , looks great

I still play Operation Flashpoint religiously , at least once a day.

Anyone know if you can played the copied version of Joint operations online?

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Thief - probably the most overrated, overhyped game series ever. Thief 1 was shit, wow a game that introduces stealth - badly. Original ideas are worthless if they don't actually work, and the stealth in thief was atrocious - spend ages tiptoeing around, making sure all the torches are extinguished just for all the guards to home directly in on you hiding behind a barrel in a pitch dark room. Then a little later blithely wandering straight past them in a light room with no carpet & a corpse in your arms ;) And the hand to hand combat :soap::(

I can't really recall any stealth games that have actually worked, the metal gear solid series, now I come to think of it, pips thief to the most overrated & overhyped games series, take out the hours of appalingly cheezy dialogue & cut scenes & you're left with about ten minutes of gameplay. Make up your mind, do you want to make a game or a movie... I reckon the only game I ever played where the stealth came close to working was deus ex.

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Ground Control 2 , has caught my eye just recently , I debating whether to buy it right now ..... it does look very pretty and it seems a little bit different to your average RTS , kind of intriguing .

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Boojum: yes looking back thief does look crap but at the time there was nothing compared to it!!

Another great game is Kondor (knights of the old republic)

and of course GTA3 cool game


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The only game I play online is the iL2 Forgotten battles world war 11 combat flight sim. This game has been around for about 5 years. The developer 1C Maddox do it for Ubi and they always release new patches to update the game. It has a hardcore following and I'd say its the best flight sim out there. Even if you are a veteran combat flight sim person this game is hard because the flight models for the planes are amazing. Real high learning curve, very difficult to get good but very satisfying when you get it right.

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Yeah I've been through the addiction to gaming phase, I cut my online gamers teeth in Half Life, Adrenaline Gamer mods and Death Match, I just loved the cross bow "thunk-puk", my fav.

Moved on to Counter Strike but never realy settled into it big style.

Now I'm a CoD Girl, Call of Duty. Specialist sniper, gimme a scoped Kar98 and maybe an Mpg for back up and I'm a happy camper . . . ;)

:angel lol

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I'm in hog heaven, reliving my student days. Just finished downloading U64emu & the roms for the arcade Killer Instinct 1 & 2. Runs way better than I'd anticipated on my poo system, appears to be a high & stable framerate on 640x480 fullscreen (yeah, shit resolution, but I realy have got an old PC). Killer Instinct & homemade hash, there goes Friday...


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Boojum how on earth do you play medieval on a old system?? I used to, but ended up tearing my hair out on the battle screens. Drove me insane, to the point of buying a new PC (and i'm a stingey bastard)

Worth it though :soap:

Medieval must be my most played game (with Viking pack too) but i'm eagerly awaiting ROME... now how good does that look.

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Boojum how on earth do you play medieval on a old system?? I used to, but ended up tearing my hair out on the battle screens.

I usually play it with a few smokes, and take a long time over battles. I generally pause it before issuing any orders (other than moving the army into position), and once my archers have engaged, or I'm charging my spearmen (with a couple of units of shock troops hidden in the trees ;) ) I generally pause to skin up :soap: . Even at the height of battle it doesn't slow down too much or get too choppy, unless there's allies, routing troops leaving & reinforcements assembling at the same time. I haven't tried multiplayer cos I like to take my time. It ran like a 3 legged donkey when I first DL'd it, so bad that I deleted it from my HDD, but I've found some more stable drivers for my gfx & sound cards, and defragged & optimised my swap file. Now I've ditched the dealer, I reckon I'm about a month away from an upgrade myself, can't wait.

& yeah, I can't wait for Rome (hopefully I'll have a phat enough system), but I hope the AI is better than that which was implemented on the embarassingly bad time commanders on BBC2.

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Now looking at time commanders i thought the AI was much improved over Medieval. There sure are taking there time, hope they get it all right.

When you get your upgrade, try upping the troop sizes, the field looks awesome with the largest unit sizes. Although Royal Knights don't get any bigger (20) so i generally just use them for chasing down routing troops :yinyang:

Too addcitive

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:D far too addictive. Dunno if I like the idea of bigger units but still only 19 royal knights, they're my favourite unit. Their speed plus their attack makes them lethal in wedge formation on the flanks (or if they aren't your generals unit, hidden in trees to charge the rear of the enemy as it passes) Kataphracts are good, to - hard as nails, am playing a campaign at the moment & losing ground to the byzantine cos of their bloody cataphracts - only way I've found to deal with them is to use a mix of kerns & mounted archers, draw them away from the main army, then surround them with missile troops, they're just too bloody hard in melee.

What's the point of dismounting before battle, do you know? I know some units (like teutonic knights) can do it if you press something on the army/reinforcement screen at the start of the battle, but I don't see the point - you wnat your cavalry to be on their horses, surely :yinyang:

Favourite unit has to be the grand inquisitor, though - France is aflame with roasting heretics, and I've just condemned the dauphin. Now if only my spy can discover something juicy about King Louis, he's far too pious :yep:

Although all that zeal makes a crusade via France first a tempting prospect.

Far too addictive.

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