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Nft Transplanting

yo guys, hope all is good.

i have just set up a new flower space and am using the old space as a veg room. access is awqward, i can only just get the 424 in there and lifting a whole table top with plants and getting them out is impossible. i am thinking the best way to use my 424 is to buy the little un(402???) thats half the length and use that to veg up 2 plants under a scrog(this is how i plant to use my 424 in the flower space, 4 plant scrog), then transplant them by lifting the root bed out and chucking in the 424. have read that different strains is pretty much a no no in a nft system so am thinking i will veg 2 white rhino's at a time then transplant them to the flower room scrog when ready. am i going to get into difficulties doing this??? any thoughts on problems that are likely to occur would be much appreciated. i know i must get the veg room plants upto the same nute level before transplanting

i am assuming that a nft-->nft transplant is the best way to tranplant INTO an NFT?

thanks peeps

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not sure i understand mate, why would you only veg two at a time for a 4 plant scrog??

if you mean you are going to transplant two into the main nft while there are two aleady there, then i think thats a bad idea. what will happen to the roots when you harvest

does the 424 have more than one channel??, i think to have perpetual harvests from it, you would need to seperate the table into two channels so that the roots dont get mixed up (lay a bit of 2"x2" wood down the middle and cover with pond liner/thick binbags)

i cant see why you can grow different strains in NFT, in fact i think one of my mates is growing more than one strain in a kingsize NFT system. again, the key is keeping the roots seperate from each other if they have different flowering times, or just grow strains that finish at the same time

as for buying another nft, no way, build one

personally i think you would better off building one half the width of your 424, attach it to the scrog screen, the when you transplant, transplant the scrog AND nft tray as one channel of the main nft (make any sense)

it would mean you would need 3 veg trays too (one for each scrog screen)

hope this helps,

[b-Dr] lol

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Hiya UK, I'm currently doing a sgrog in a 424, Ten plants, 7 armaggedon and 3 sensi star, the Armaggedon take very well to being "scrogged" the star are a little too bushy, next grow i'll cut it down to eight as the stretch makes it a little too packed, not having too much trouble with the different strains, one just takes a little more training than the other, if one matures before the other (looking like the Armaggedon) then i intend just to cut the buds as and when they're ready giving time for the star to come on, my only concern with what you're proposing is getting the timings right for "boost" (if you're using it) and also the final two week flush, as you'll effectively be flushing the second crop when it's still needing bloom and boost (i'm assuming you're using Ionic here, a little presumptious I know).

I hope I have understood you correctly,

How far apart are the two crops time wise?

Other peoples input should be sought as I'm still learning myself.....


P.S. make the screen bigger than the 424, mines about 1m sq, as long as your reflector can cover the area you'll appreciate the extra space.

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