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Help Building A Nfl System


hi there people well im posting this thread because im thinking about trying to make my own hydro unit for to hold a good 4 female's , so just add some good info if you want to help i havent collected any component's but il try and get some so please fell free to add some to this thread it is basicly for my own use but i do need people's help in constructing a hydro unit to hold 4 so were do i start well with the hydro table

so anybodie now of good componont's ? :yinyang:

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here you go m8

this is all you will need

i got my pump today, £13 from local hydro shop for maxijet 320 ltr pump

check this thread out


good luck

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i use an underbed storage box as a res £5, and a square plastic tray from a garden centre £5. the tray sits on the storage box. i bought the cheapest pond pump, because it pumps more and is cheaper than the NFT type pump, and because it comes with several spray heads (useless) and 10m of cable! so i can plug it in, on the other side of the room! and i needed a length of garden hose. the pump pumps up to the tray, using the hose, and the tray drains into the res through 2 holes drilled in it (3/8") the pump is on a timer. the whole thing sits about 6" high.

this cheapass bodge has been working solidly for 2 years, it will easily handle 4x 4' indicas under my 400 HPS. i keep meaning to drill 4 holes in the sides of the box, so i can support the sides by tying rope through it but it works just as well without.

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hello m8

I find aquarium shops sell cheep pumps which will do the job very well and you can get 1 for under a£10 also the white plastic 15mm plumbing pipe is cheep and usefull for makeing drippers,spray bars etc and con be bent to any shape if heated gently and will fit straight to an aquarium pump with a 3" lenth of garden hose.

hope this is of some use

goodshit :puke:

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