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Sour 60 by Mdanzig seeds - indoor

These sprouted November 5th and harvested January 6th, so a little over the 60 days promoted

Grown sequentially under a 125w then 250w blue CFL ; 250w red CFL ; finally, 250 hps

Grown in soil. All organic. They were only fed once, about half way through when they were repotted though I did use some root juice and top max a couple of times, very lightly

If I did them again, I'd pot them in large pots early on and run them under 250w blue cfl from the start and switch straight to the 250w hps as I think they were only just ripe at harvest and I could have pumped out a bit more bud. Still, not bad work. I'll post yield etc when all dry and cured.

Would I grow them again - well, they're a good auto strain, I reckon but I found them to be quite ugly plants and I didn't have much fun with them. So, probably not. But if you like autos, this strain is a good one





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cant wait to hear your dry results and smoke report mate ive become very interested in mdanzig's autos recently, looks like youve one well :spliff:

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Nice harvest dude :unsure: ...


Mrm :(

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looks great mate sour 60 sounds the biz

enjoy ur fine work


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Good one Lime,will await your smoke report with anticipation,your grow report was honest and unbiased,good man.

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any further updates? just bought a pack of these for a quick run in the tent and a seed run in case there any good for outdoors? what size pots, soil, final yield etc? :stoned:

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Thanks, guys. So, the harvest is all dried...

Of ten seeds all popped, though one was slow in coming and always lagged behind. The runt of the litter.

Was lucky with the split and had 7 females from the the ten seeds.

I grew out as described above. There was very significant variation pheno-wise. One or two plants with long saw-like leaves, sativa style, but with thick, fat indica like buds. A few with smaller, N.Indian style sativa leaves, colas of differing thicknesses. One very heavily branched, 100% bush like plant with sativa like buds, so, basically: all over the shop. However one or two characteristics appear to be stable: flowering time is fairly consistent (more on this below); the plants are all fairly short, they all autoflowered...

Of those types listed above, I flowered the bush and the runt for 70+ days. Both these plants took much longer to begin flowering than the rest, though their actual flowering time was only a little longer.

5/7 finished in a little over 6o days as described in the first post.

First crop of 5 plants netted 129g dried, manicured bud, no stalk showing but main cola stalks still in

Second crop netted 38g (the runt about half an oz, the bush just under an oz)

Smoke (ok, it's not yet cured properly but is thoroughly dried)

This is very trippy weed. It is genuinely head/body mix but is felt more strongly in the head. It isn't especially sedative but is a quiet smoke, not a speedy weed. It is strong though not devastating: a very good every day high with some depth.

Tastes like an old school sensi seeds indica like hindu kush or afghan#1. Not so much hash as strongly resinous smelling. Nice. Some transition to flavour which will improve with curing.

A good smoke.

Suspect if you grew this strain carefully (as I did) but under a 400w and in big pots from seedling stage onwards you could get a really significant harvest from this strain in quite a small space (especially headroom wise. An idea strain to grow under the stairs, in that respect). However, though I think it's a good strain, I question the logic of growing this strain except to meet very particular reasons (mine was that I needed a fast turnaround and a plant I could keep very small for a while, for stealth reasons). To get a big yield from it, you would burn masses of electricity (400w on 20+ hours a day per metre sq) ; it's difficult to grow outdoors in many places because it's mold prone (allegedly - I used dehumidifiers); it's not that quick - in 63 days you could run a SOG style quick indica crop from clones (10 days veg and 45 harvest + a few days for flowering to begin and extra ripening) and use less electricity. However, sour 60 may have alot of potential for developing through further breeding and stabilisation. A cross between this and a monster 90%+ sativa, for example could be awesome if you could stabilise it as you could then grow a mostly sativa through the summer season in most places well before damps and mold and frosts set in, planted May 1st and cropping at the start of September (N hemisphere). Anyone want to give it a go?!


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good write up and smoke report looking forward to getting these started, good luck with any breeding you undertake :stoned:

Edited by mallsy

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