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Ok Peeps I Could Really Do With Some Advice!


I have recently moved into a new house with an amazing cellar (15 - 20 m2) and aquired a set of hydroponics consisting of:-

8 x 10" pots

1x35ltr tank

1x 600w high pressure sodium lamp

and its all hooked up ready to go. My questions are as follows....

1- what equiptment is best needed for the germination and where can i get a decent guide for acheiving 100% germination rate?

2- With a flood and drain system, what size do the plants need to be before they are put into the big pots (10")?

3- Would the 600w light do for upto 24plants or would i need to give it a bit more power?

4- Ive heard peepl talking about enviros, do i need these to start my plant flowering?

5- What's the best to put into the post as ive got clay pebbles, rockwool and john innes no2 + 3

Neway guys and gals hopefully with those q's answered ill be posting my first grow soon enuf!

Thanxs again

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1. if your going hydro then all u need is a rockwool starter plug, some water and somewhere warm.

2. you can put the seedlings straght into whatever size pot u want as soon as they have rooted.

3. it depends on how big u intend to grow the plants.

4. no.... you want to use your hps top flower...... but a small fluro setup is a good idea for starting small plants.

5. start the seedlings in rockwool then put the rockwool into a pot full of clay pebbles..... why do u have bags of dirt if your growing hydro?

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what irrigation method are you going to use ?

when you say 24 plants do you mean small sog style or you gonna grow trees ?

germ your seeds by pre soaking rockwool propagating cubes in ph adjusted water over night , and then shake the water from the cubes (they dont want to be ringing wet) now push your seeds into the hole about a qaurter of the way in. now place in a propagator with the lid on. now cover the prop with a couple of bed sheets or something to that effect so that it will be in complete darkness.

now place in somewhere warm (airing cupboard,under bed ect) and just check on it every couple of days.

i have had around 98% success germing from seed this way but it only realy boils down to the qaulity of seeds in the first place, i would raise my seedlings under daylight fluro bulbs it encourages tighter nodes as you can get them closer to the plants, if i was you i would seperate that cellar into 2 rooms so that you can flower in one and veg in the other . also i would keep mother plants in the veg room . its so much easier and quicker to grow from cuttings, i have seen zip packages so you can seperate the cellar with pondliner or some other light tight material and cut a door into it that can be opened by the zips.

good luck

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Yet still no mention of ventilation ;)


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